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DAFM National Call 2013 13F505 UCC (DIT) €129,000

Project Title:

Development of risk assessment tools of package/product systems for a safe and sustainable food chain

Project Coordinator:

Dr Maria Jose Sousa-Gallagher

Project Abstract

This desktop project will develop risk assessment tools of perishable food products through supply chains. Using predictive models of product metabolisms, molecular mass transfer and microbial growth, a software based system can predict the composition of the atmosphere inside a package in real¿life conditions and the consequences in terms of quality and, especially, safety. This can be used for challenge testing, to identify the most critical elements of the chain, and answer what¿if scenarios. It will be possible to develop robust product/package/supply chain systems, that is, packages that serve as redundancy safety systems by ensuring that failures in the chain do not result in dramatic loss of safety, or of quality. This is essential to develop sustainable chains and minimise produce loss. Predictive models have been developed for various individual applications, but there is no platform such as the one proposed here that can integrate and provide global analysis. Substantial effort has been put into developing safe and efficient manufacturing processes, but at present most of that efficiency wears out at the factory gates. The tools developed by this project will allow food manufacturers, retailers and regulators to go beyond the factory and ensure quality and safety for the consumer.

Final Report:

Not available yet.