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DAFM National Call 2014 14/SF/852 UCD, (MI) €360,843

Project Title:

Developing a risk assessment framework for norovirus in irish oyster production areas

Project Coordinator:

Prof Francis Butler

Project Abstract

Gastroenteritis resulting from consumption of sewage contaminated oysters containing norovirus (NoV) is a significant public health problem. Official food controls in this area are inadequate to prevent illness and no standards exist for NoV in oysters. Largely this is because of a lack of data on the extent of illness associated with oysters containing NoV. This project will develop a risk assessment model incorporating a product pathway analysis to estimate the risk of Norovirus (NoV) related illness following consumption of oysters from specific production areas. The project will generate new NoV prevalence and distribution data for oysters using a recently developed standardised molecular procedure for detecting NoV in oysters. From this data an exposure model will be developed. Existing published data on the dose response for NoV and host susceptibility factors will be combined with the exposure model to develop the risk assessment model. The output from the project will allow risk managers introduce control measures in this area based on acceptable limits for NoV in oysters derived from evidence based information. In addition the model will allow producers to assess the impact of potential treatment options to target risk management intervention in a cost effective manner.

Final Report:

Not available yet.