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DAFM National Call 2015 15F702 NUIG (Teagasc) €599,284

Project Title:

Campylobacter - Control On-farm via Prevention and Exclusion (Campclean)

Project Coordinator:

Dr Cyril Carroll

Project Abstract

Campylobacter infections are the leading cause of gastroenteritis worldwide with poultry meat identified as the primary vector due to carcass contamination from intestinal pathogens. An estimated 2 log10 reduction of intestinal C. jejuni counts would yield a 30-fold decrease of human cases of campylobacteriosis. Extensive ongoing research to reduce flock contamination, including bio-security, vaccination, phage therapy and competitive exclusion using probiotic feed additives containing naturally occurring bacteria with bacteriocin activity, have had little impact to date. The aim of the Campyclean project is to provide poultry producers and processors with novel, safe natural biocides and cleaning treatments to reduce the prevalence and level of Campylobacter in poultry flocks. This project will capitalise on prior research projects at NUI Galway and Oilean Glas Teoranta, which identified GRAS, polysaccharide-based bioactives from seaweed with the ability to achieve a Campylobcter-limiting effect, giving a 1-3 log reduction in Campylobacter colonisation in broilers. Research with Necon Ireland Ltd. has validated the antimicrobial properties of copper/silver ionised water for the control of pathogens in hospital water systems, food-related process lines and on surfaces. The interventions proposed will address prevention (ionised water) and reduction (plant bioactives) of Campylobacter colonisation. This collaborative, inter-disciplinary and multi-sectorial proposal will translate laboratory research on these novel natural anti-microbials and water treatments to on-farm application, establish their mechanism of action, and develop effective feed and implementation methods that will add commercial and marketing value to Irish Poultry Sector, assist with EFSA, FAO and WHO targets and increase the RDI capability of two Irish SMEs

Final Report:

Not available yet.