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DAFM National Call 2015 15/S/687 MI (NUIG) €332,226

Project Title:

Spatially Explicit Ecological Risk Assessment framework for Conservation planning of Coastal waters

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Oliver Tully

Project Abstract

This project will evaluate, develop and demonstrate methods to assess the risk of environmental effects from industry activity in the marine sector relative to the conservation objectives for the marine environment reflected in numerous EU Directives. Such methods would seek to achieve the most efficient and lowest cost reduction in the environmental footprint of industry by optimising ‘what and how much could go where’ solutions. Planning authorities face increasingly complex problems in consenting to development; the range of activities requiring consent is increasing, these activities may be competing for the same space and the environmental conservation targets also vary spatially and can be defined at different spatial resolutions. Decision support tools that will be developed during the project are critical for planners in this complex environment. These tools would be transparent, objective, well informed by data and be capable of guiding consent authorities during the planning process

Final Report:

Not available yet.