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EPA CO-FUND 2017 17/S/EPA1 Teagasc €249,877

Project Title:

Mitigating Agricultural impacts through Research and Knowledge Exchange

Project Coordinator:

Mary Ryan

Project Abstract

The overall objective of this project is to explore options for a practical operational plan or Knowledge Exchange system to improve water quality. The practical objective is to improve the impact of farming on water quality at lowest cost, with maximum support from all stakeholders involved in the production of water quality improvement. The primary mechanism driving this project is to develop innovation system wide measures that can produce improved measurable water quality indicators as required under national obligations. While it may be difficult given the range of factors that influence the outcomes to attribute direct impacts to the project, it may be possible in the future to gauge (a) the adoption of measures in the policy environment and (b) participation in adopted measures by farmers. We draw heavily upon a previous project funded by the EPA, AgImpact (Identifying Approaches to Improving Knowledge Exchange (KE) in the Irish AgriFood Sector using Expert Opinion).

Final Report:

Not available yet.