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ERAGAS - ERANET Call 2016 16/RD/ERAGAS/2 National University of Galway €244,999

Project Title:

Mitigating Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions by improved pH management of soils

Project Coordinator:

Karl Richards, Teagasc

Project Abstract

Mitigating Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions by improved pH management of soils (MAGGE PH)

Maintenance of soil pH is critical for agronomic performance due to its direct effect on nutrient availability but it has also been shown to potentially effect emissions of the potent greenhouse gas nitrous oxide (N2O). Nitrous oxide accounts for c. 40% of national agricultural emissions. MAGGE PH will investigate the effect of soil pH on N2O emissions and effects on the soil microbial community responsible for emissions. The project objectives are: 1. to evaluate the effects of soil pH on N2O emissions 2. to understand the biogeochemical mechanisms effected by pH manipulation 3. provide country specific emissions factors and 4. to disseminate the findings to stakeholders. MAGGE PH will identify the role of soil pH control on N2O emissions from Irish soils. This will provide verifiable estimates of greenhouse gas emission reductions that could be achieved by correcting soil pH via lime addition. MAGGE PH will provide country specific emission factors for soil pH control through the application of lime and if successful these will be incorporated as a mitigation measure within the Irish greenhouse gas emission inventory. The application of lime represents a win-win solution for farmer to both improve agronomic yields and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Final Report:

Not available yet.