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DAFM National Call 2013 13S430 Teagasc (UCD, AFBI) € 1,246,289

Project Title:

Measurement and abatement of ammonia emissions from agriculture

Project Coordinator:

Dr Gary Lanigan

Project Abstract

Agriculture contributes 98 % of the total ammonia (NH3) emissions in Ireland. The cattle sector is by far the largest source of these emissions, comprising 72% of total emissions. Revisions to National NH3 emissions targets will result in Ireland having to reduce national emissions while agriculture is expanding to meeting Food Harvest 2020 targets. Reducing emissions will result in improved nitrogen (N) use efficiency and reduce indirect greenhouse gas emissions. Research to date has focused on reducing NH3 emissions through improved land spreading and inorganic fertilizer use. National emissions data from animal housing, manure storage and grazing are few. This project will focus specifically on these gaps in the measurement data available for cattle systems in Ireland. The project will focus on tracking the fractionation and transformations of N in manure from the animal diet through the manure storage cycle, and will investigate the levels of emissions currently occurring during winter housing, and investigate strategies to reduce these emissions using cost effective technologies. Nitrogen emissions from dung and urine excretion at pasture will also be measured and disaggregated. The project will include the development of a model for estimating NH3 on farms based on animal, diet, housing, animal grazing and manure management criteria in place

Final Report:

Not available yet.