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DAFM National Call 2010 10 S 716 Teagasc (TCD, UCD, AFBI, UL) € 1,698,135

Project Title:

Gaseous Emissions - Agriculture and Land Use Network

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Gary Lanigan

Project Abstract

The EU 2020 Climate Change and Energy Package poses considerable challenges for Irish agriculture, particularly in the context of ambitious production targets envisaged by Food Harvest 2020. Nitrous oxide emissions are the second largest portion of agricultural emissions, but also can be readily mitigated. However, there is currently a high degree of uncertainty surrounding the N2O emission factors, and refinement of these would allow the adoption of ‘win-win’ strategies, such as greater use of urea, which would in turn allow more flexibility in terms of sectoral expansion. Carbon sequestration is also associated with pastures and improved grassland management could provide a mitigation option without impacting on agricultural production. This project seeks to assess the influence of climate and soil on C sink capacity as well as quantifying effective ways to enhance pasture sequestration. The twin measurement and modelling approach will ultimately lead to more refined and flexible inventories. This will allow thus allow for mitigation research that has been on-going for several years to be inputted into inventories, thus obtaining a net benefit to the sector in terms of reducing its emissions profile.

Final Report:

Not available yet.