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DAFM National Call 2015 15/S/744 MI (UCC, QUB, AFBI, GMIT) €1,488,744

Project Title:

Fisheries Knowledge for Optimal Sustainable Management

Project Coordinator:

Prof. David Reid

Project Abstract

FishKOSM will develop ways to achieve sustainable yields from fisheries that can also deliver better ecosystem, economic and social outcomes. It will use genetics, ecosystem modelling and risk assessment methods to do this, and work with stakeholders to this end. It will provide fisheries management approaches based on this research. FishKOSM objectives are to develop sustainable yield targets for management that account for predator-prey interactions, changes in fish biology, and in fishing itself, and outcomes for fish stocks, fisheries and fleets working with these targets. We will show the ecological risks involved, and likely social and economic effects. Fisheries stakeholders will be involved throughout. FishKOSM’s impact should be a more sustainable long term Irish fishing industry, especially in terms of environment, high quality food, jobs and economic growth. It will contribute informed and appropriate advice to ecosystem based fisheries management in Ireland, while building national scientific skills and capacity.

Final Report:

Not available yet.