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DAFM National Call 2017 17 S 238 Teagasc (TCD, UL) €598,052 (co-funded by EPA)

Project Title:

AGRI-SOC: Evaluating Land-Use and Land Management Impacts on Soil organic Carbon in Irish Agricultural Systems.

Project Coordinator:

Prof. Gary Lanigan

Project Abstract

Carbon (C) sequestration associated with pastures and improved grassland management could provide a mitigation option without impacting on agricultural production. In addition, improved soil carbon should lead to better nutrient cycling and soil nutrient availability. Management practices that can increase soil organic carbon (SOC) stocks to mitigate climate change will provide the basis for inclusion of grassland soils into both carbon trading schemes and life-cycle assessments (LCA's), which will assist the sector both in terms of carbon credits and a reduced carbon footprint on agricultural produce. This project seeks to quantify carbon sequestration within managed grasslands, to identify the upper limits of soil carbon storage and identifying the regulators within a pastoral system that control soil carbon capture. As such it will directly address the 4 per mille initiative to enhance C stocks and improve soil quality in agricultural soils.

Final Report:

Not available yet