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Research Call

DAFM Reference


DAFM Award

RUR AGRI ERANET Call 2012 13/Ruragri/1 UCD €99,759

Project Title:

Towards RUral Synergies and Trade-offs between Economic development and Ecosystem services

Project Coordinator:

Dr. James Breen

Project Abstract

The main research objective of TRUSTEE is to disentangle the complex relationships between economic development and ecosystem services at different spatial scales. We will use an interdisciplinary approach that will involve economists, geographers, agronomists, and ecologists. At every step of the research process, we will involve scientists, experts, and stakeholders. In doing so, this research will also strengthen the capacity of a range of stakeholders to design sustainable strategies for rural areas. The sub-objectives are: 1 Analyse the multi-scaled determinants of economic development and ecosystem services on a large European gradient of rural and rural/urban areas; 2. Increase our understanding of how to achieve mutual benefits for economic development in rural areas and ecosystem services; 3. Identify and assess the governance mechanisms and policy instruments that enhance sustainable rural vitality in very diverse contexts, 4. Produce synergies among international researchers of varied disciplines and between researchers and various stakeholders at different governance scales.

Final Report:

Not available yet.