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Research Call

DAFM Reference


DAFM Award

DAFM National Call 2010 10 S 713 Teagasc € 60,830

Project Title:

Review of factors impacting on the processing quality of raw milk produced in Ireland

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Bernadette O' Brien

Project Abstract

The Irish dairy industry will require milk with higher quality standards in the future as processors increase the proportion of output into higher value-added products. This will require improvements in milk composition, processability, bacteriological status and a reduction in residue levels. At farm level, herd size will increase significantly and milk production systems will have to take cognisance of milk price volatility and milk processing capacity. This project proposes to review the current status of milk quality in Ireland and determine strategic influences on milk quality. This will include a comparison of both milk quality criteria and production practises influencing milk quality in Ireland with those of competing EU counties. National trends in milk quality will be updated. The associations between both herd- and cow-level factors and milk quality parameters will be investigated. A review will also be carried out on existing and emerging microbiological pathogens and residue contamination in milk. A survey of cleaning and sanitizing of milking machines on dairy farms will be carried out. The information generated will benchmark current state-of the-art and identify gaps in knowledge requiring further research.

Final Report:

10 S 713 Final Report (pdf 435Kb)