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Research Call

DAFM Reference


DAFM Award

DAFM National Call 2017 17 S 269 Teagasc (NUIG, UCD) €595,271

Project Title:

BESAFE - Behaviours for Safer Farming

Project Coordinator:

Dr. David Meredith

Project Abstract

The health and safety of farmers is a significant challenge for the social sustainability of Irish agriculture. Though fatality rates have fallen in other industries in the past 20 years, rates in agriculture have remained stubbornly high. Farming is not like other occupations. Farmers commonly work alone for extended periods of time. They self-supervise their work practices and behaviours. Farming involves multiple tasks that can be affected by external factors, e.g. the weather. Given the unique occupational characteristics of farming there is a need to tailor approaches that seek to improve safety. The aim of the BeSafe project is to develop and support the adoption of these approaches thereby effecting positive lasting change. The BeSafe project is led by Dr. David Meredith (Teagasc) and involves researchers from Teagasc, NUI Galway, and UCD. The team is complimented by extension specialists from Teagasc, regulatory specialists from the Health and Safety Authority and supported by the Farm Safety Partnership. The work of the team will be overseen by an International Research Advisory Group and a Stakeholder Advisory Group.

Final Report:

Not available yet