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Research Call

DAFM Reference


DAFM Award

DAFM National Call 2013 13S435 Teagasc (UCD) €201,243

Project Title:

Analysis of the functioning of Irish agricultural land markets

Project Coordinator:

Dr Kevin Hanrahan

Project Abstract

Well functioning land markets are a crucial condition for the competitiveness and growth of agriculture and for rural development. Despite the importance of land as a factor of production there is a relative scarcity of recent socio-economic research on the functioning of Irish agricultural land markets and the contribution that enhanced land market mobility could make to improve the productivity and economic and environmental sustainability of Irish agriculture. Irish agricultural land markets are characterised by low volumes of sales transactions, which is not unusual in an international context, and a low proportion of Irish agricultural land that is farmed under lease arrangements (CSO, 2012). This latter characteristic of the Irish agricultural land markets is unusual in an international context (Ciaian, Kancs and Swinnen 2010, Nickerson et al., 2012). To what extent does the functioning of the agricultural land market hinder the future development of an economically and environmentally sustainable agricultural sector in Ireland? In addressing this issue, the project will answer a number of related questions. From an economic perspective what would be the characteristics of a well functioning land market? Measured against this ideal, to what extent can the Irish agricultural land market be characterised as well functioning? What factors influence the participation of farmers and land owners in the Irish agricultural land market? What role do policy, institutional and cultural factors play in explaining the functioning of Irish agricultural land markets? What measures could be taken to address the level of land mobility in Ireland? This research, by improving our understanding of Irish agricultural land markets function, will facilitate the development of policies designed to enhance the functioning of Irish agricultural land markets.

Final Report:

Not available yet.