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DAFM National Call 2014 14 S 819 Teagasc (UCD, NUIG, NUIM, TCD) € 2,992,994

Project Title:

Virtual Irish Centre for Crop Improvement

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Dan Milbourne

Project Abstract

This project will see the establishment of a Virtual Centre for Crop Improvement (VICCI) which has at its core two principle objectives: (i) to exploit the output of recent/current research programmes to effectively interconnect the application of biotechnology tools to varietal improvement goals and (ii) to build sufficient capacity in Ireland to lead to the identification and development of improved crop varieties for the Irish agri-industry. Across barley, wheat, oats, ryegrass, beans and potatoes, key traits for crop enhancement have been identified in disease resistance, nutrient use efficiency and productivity. In addition to the output traits identified this multi-institutional centre (Teagasc, UCD, NUIM, TCD and NUIG) will also address food quality issues for import replacement in the form of processing potatoes. By addressing current policy requirements as per FoodHarvest 2020 and the NRPE (Section 3) the relevance and impact of the proposed work is real and ultimately will significantly decrease the farming industry’s environmental footprint in the form of water quality and greenhouse gas emissions.

Final Report:

Not available yet.