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DAFM National Call 2017 17 S 267 UCD (AFBI) €1,030,238

Project Title:

SMARTSWARD: Future Proofing Irish livestock sustainability

Project Coordinator:

Prof. Tommy Boland

Project Abstract

Multispecies grasslands have the potential to outyield perennial ryegrass monocultures. However, little information is available regarding their production potential and appropriate management within grazing systems. The overarching objective of the SMARTSWARD project is to determine the potential role of multispecies grasslands within cattle, mixed livestock (cattle and sheep) and dairy systems. Multispecies swards containing grasses, legumes and forage herbs will be compared to perennial ryegrass monocultures and perennial ryegrass and white clover swards, in terms of their production potential and impacts on product (meat and milk) quantity and quality and associated methane emissions. Key to this research is the identification of more sustainable animal production systems that will reduce reliance on fertiliser N inputs, while maintaining / increasing productivity (meat and milk), have benefits for animal health such as reduced worm burden and result in excellent quality produce (meat and milk) while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Final Report:

Not available yet