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DAFM National Call 2015 15/S/618 Teagasc (DCU, UCC) €1,042,320

Project Title:

Sensing crop pathogens: A novel surveillance system for crop diseases of economic importance

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Ewen Mullins

Project Abstract

Ireland’s climate supports our crops to produce some of the highest yields in the world. Yet, our climate also supports several crop diseases that can destroy yields. While farmers use pesticides to control diseases, this is unsustainable due to pesticide resistance among diseases and EU legislation which is curbing pesticide use. Of relevance to barley which suffers from ‘leaf scald’ disease and potato, which suffers from PVY disease, to address this, we need to be able to accurately quantify how much/little disease is in a crop, before symptoms appear. This is the primary goal of SCOPE, which will develop nanosensors for both leaf scald and PVY to allow farmers to quickly diagnose samples in the field in a matter of minutes. As a result SCOPE will support barley and potato growers to integrate novel pest management strategies into their systems, which long term could reduce pesticide usage.

Final Report:

Not available yet.