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ICT AGRI ERANET Call 2015 15/ICTAGRI 2 Teagasc (UCD, NUIG) €259,196

Project Title:

Mainstreaming controlled traffic techniques and optimization of movements

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Dermot Forristal

Project Abstract

CTF-Optimove will focus on yield potential, avoiding production loss on headlands, improving machine performance, optimising CTF configuration and vehicle routing, and dealing with region specific constraints in countries like Denmark, Ireland, and Belgium. The guidelines will be presented at transnational workshops and a transnational advisory network will be put in place. Besides this, the uptake by farmers will be promoted by working with innovative farmers, industry and advisory groups. The specific objectives of this project are: • To develop an operational tool in a form of a Decision Support System (DSS) to minimize soil disturbance and compaction involving specific operational tools. The developed DSS will optimize the planning and control of operations (e.g. soil-sensitive route planning, logistics and scheduling under workability constraints - field readiness) including the configuration and execution of minimal soil compaction practices (e.g. CTF, field traffic planning) • To focus particularly on field headlands by quantifying the levels of crop losses on arable field headlands and identify the factors which contribute to such that losses such as soil structure damage, crop damage, inaccurate input application, etc. as well as determine the role of optimising traffic patterns and input application precision in reducing production losses and optimising costs on headlands areas. • To determine the role of innovative newer sensors in assessing headland position effects. • To effectively quantify quality and demonstrate the benefits of CTF in terms of work rates, fuel consumption and costs. To this end, a tractor will be instrumented with a set of sensors (i.e. fuel meter, speed radar) and data from the tractor operational data will be acquiredgained through the tractor ECU (Electronic Control Unit). • To carry out an adoption study for different farming systems in Denmark, Ireland and Belgium (incl. compatibility with existing systems, social factors influencing farmer uptake, economic viability). • To exploit the results of the demonstration sites. • To promote the uptake by farmers by developing an innovative dissemination package closely working with farmers, industry and advisory groups.

Final Report:

Not available yet.