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DAFM National Call 2011 11 S 119 Teagasc (UCD) € 233,564

Project Title:

Crop Quest: New Crop Choices for Irish Growers

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Dermot Forristal

Project Abstract

The CROPQUEST desk study will help identify new crops/products/markets that will facilitate sustainable, viable crop production on Irish arable farms. The current lack of rotation and limited cropping options combine to threaten future viability and production sustainability, as the increasing level of monoculture leads to reduced yields and higher costs over time. Non-cereal crops currently account for just 9.6% of the arable area. New CAP reform proposals may make rotation obligatory. This study will have four elements: 1. A comprehensive review of possible broad-acre cropping options, and their agronomy, will be carried out to address the immediate need for break-crops for large areas (e.g. 20,000ha+). This review will include determination of the grower, processing and market needs for development of these crops (e.g. protein, oilseeds etc). It will include cover crops. 2. Identification and evaluation of crop/market options including further development of existing food and beverage end markets and identification of potential new markets in food, feed and non-food/feed areas. The methodology will include literature review, industry engagement and SWOT analysis to develop a database of crop/product options. 3. Economic assessment of the value to Irish agriculture, that the various crop/product options identified in 1 and 2 above, will be assessed using present value costing models.4. Dissemination to growers and industry using various methods including: a CROPQUEST website which would host a crop choice selector for growers and act as a repository for all the information gathered in the study; a participative workshop for industry and a range of Teagasc advisory channels for growers.

Final Report:

11 S 119 Final Report (pdf 583Kb)