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DAFM National Call 2017 17 S 254 Teagasc (DIT, LKIT, UCD) €1,164,864

Project Title:

CREDIT: Cadium: Reduce, Evaluate, Detect, Inform with Technologies

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Denis Griffin

Project Abstract

Cadmium and other heavy metals occur naturally in soils and can accumulate in plants.  Maximum levels are established in legislation and while levels found in Irish produce do not present an unacceptable risk to the consumers it is necessary to continually strive to reduce levels in food. A fundamental understanding of the soil chemistry, and development of novel rapid detection methods are required to develop sustainable, effective solutions for farmers while adhering to good agricultural practice. This project “CREDIT” will harness a range of scientific, knowledge transfer, farming and policy & regulatory expertise to develop appropriate strategies to manage cadmium and heavy metals in crops. The various project outputs will support key stakeholders, including farmers, agronomists, the horticultural industry and policy makers & regulators to combat these issues and preserve Ireland’s horticulture industry and reputation as a producer of quality food into the future.

Final Report:

Not available yet