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DAFM National Call 2014 14 S 865 Teagasc € 403,601

Project Title:

A genomic approach to understanding and improving mushroom compost utilisation

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Helen Grogan

Project Abstract

This project will use the most current genomic and molecular tools to investigate the mechanisms underlying the processes of nutrient utilisation by Agaricus bisporus with the ultimate aim of improving mushroom crop yields, particularly in the third flush. We will be conducting genomic analysis of compost, casing and mushroom samples to track changes in compost degradation genes and/or other significant biological pathways/processes throughout the cropping cycle from Phase 3 filling to third flush. We will work with industry to obtain samples from commercial crops in progress. The International spawn company Sylvan, based in Ireland (Navan) will provide us with some interesting strains to compare gene expression profiles from a compost utilisation perspective. The work should lead to other projects with either individual businesses or EU consortia. We plan to use the project as a forum for discussion with interested stakeholders on preparing an EU proposal for horizon 2020. This project will train a senior post doctoral scientist and a PhD student in Agaricus genomic techniques who can feed into Irish research organisations and mushroom businesses.

Final Report:

Not available yet.