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DAFM National Call 2015 15/S/675 UCD (AFBI, Teagasc) €1,145,554

Project Title:

NUTRIGEN: The interaction between genotype and nutrition in high yielding dairy cows in seasonal grass based systems of milk production

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Bridget Lynch

Project Abstract

NutriGen aims to improve the current understanding of the complex interactions between genetics and nutrition in the high yielding dairy cow. The main objectives of the project are to identify key drivers of feed efficiency and energy balance in high yielding dairy cows and the evaluation of the impact of various nutritional strategies and genetic traits on dairy cow performance in a seasonal grass based system of milk production. This will be tested through a combination of desk top studies utilising existing research data and dairy cow nutrition experimentation to examine short and long term implications. This new knowledge will strengthen national capacity with immediate application to farm advisors, farmers and relevant policy makers. A bio economic model will be developed with the ability to conduct a detailed financial evaluation of the likely economic impact of the investigated strategies and the results will be disseminated to key stakeholders.

Final Report:

Not available yet.