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DAFM National Call 2013 13 S 528 Teagasc (ICBF, UCD) €939,458

Project Title:

Genetic, nutritional and management approaches to improve fertility in lactating dairy cattle

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Stephen Butler

Project Abstract

Fertility will be a key driver of dairy farm productivity in the coming decade through effects on calving pattern and capacity for expansion. Improving reproductive performance at farm level requires a combination of strategies to immediately increase submission and conception rates, and longer term strategies to boost the inherent fertility of dairy cattle. This project proposes a multidisciplinary approach to tackle the problem of poor fertility in dairy cows. This will include research on (i) a novel lactating Holstein cow model of fertility to improve our understanding of the basic mechanisms responsible for subfertility; (ii) a genome wide association study to identify new genomic regions putatively associated with fertility, with a view to improving the accuracy of genomic selection; (iii) the role of glucose as a key nutrient to improve cow fertility and health status; and (iv) the effect of progesterone concentrations during dominant follicle development on subsequent embryo development after insemination. The proposed project includes research that will have immediate, medium-term and long-term beneficial effects on dairy cow fertility through (i) improving reproductive and nutritional management at farm level; (ii) increasing the rate of genetic gain for fertility traits; and (iii) improving our understanding of mechanisms responsible for subfertility.

Final Report:

Not available yet.