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DAFM National Call 2013 13 S 472 UCD (Teagasc, TCD, NIBRT, ICBF) €1,224,817

Project Title:

Early diagnosis of postpartum uterine disease for enhancement of reproduction and improved cow health

Project Coordinator:

Professor Alexander Evans

Project Abstract

Compromised fertility is the biggest threat to expansion of the Irish dairy sector and there is an urgent requirement to address the issue of postpartum uterine infection. Together with ICBF and NIBRT, this novel multidisciplinary proposal will target subfertility by validating early diagnostic markers of uterine disease on Day 7 postpartum, and developing new management tools for postpartum cows. We have recently identified novel cellular, molecular and microbiological biomarkers for diagnosis of uterine disease in cattle on Day 7 postpartum; much earlier than currently available diagnostics. However, the integration of multiple layers of information is more effective in advancing the systems-level understanding of reproduction and in identifying robust novel diagnostics and therapeutic targets. This project brings together leaders in bovine reproduction, microbiology, physiology, glycobiology and immunology to validate these putative markers in a large cohort of postpartum cows. A panel of core diagnostic biomarkers will be applied, together with a targeted intervention strategy, to reduce the incidence of postpartum uterine disease and thereby increase fertility on Irish farms. Thus, we will demonstrate the efficacy of these novel biomarkers for reducing losses associated with poor reproductive performance on Irish dairy farms.

Final Report:

Not available yet.