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DAFM National Call 2015 15/S/696 Teagasc (ICBF, WIT, AFBI) €777,681

Project Title:

A multidisciplinary approach to improving the reproductive performance in the Irish sheep, beef and dairy populations

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Nóirín McHugh

Project Abstract

Reproductive performance is a key determinant of biological and economic efficiency in livestock; reproduction is, however, a multifactorial trait controlled by genetics, nutrition and management. The objective of MultiRepro is to generate a comprehensive and holistic list of the genetic and management strategies available (and their interaction) for improving reproductive performance in sheep, beef and dairy cattle. This multidisciplinary project exploits both available national data and generated experimental data and includes both researchers and industry input. The outcome of this project will lead to a better knowledge of the factors influencing reproductive performance encompassed within a decision support tool. The inclusion of the Teagasc beef, sheep and dairy knowledge transfer specialists is integral to ensure these results are disseminated to industry and provides producers with the essential tools to minimise the reduction in farm profit due to reproductive efficiency.

Final Report:

Not available yet.