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CoFoRD, Programme of Competitive Forestry Research for Development

This page and its contents relates to the CoFoRD programme which provides, funding for “public good” research to Irish RPO’s (research preforming organisations) on a competitive basis, as distinct from COFORD Council for Forest Research and Development. The Council advises the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine on research and developmental issues Forest Sector Development/COFORD Division provides the secretarial and technical support to the Council and is responsible for COFORD publications and management tools. For further information please see link below.

The national forest research programme has the following overall objectives:

  • Determine the nature of forest research needed to maintain the international competitiveness of the forestry sector, provide sustainable employment, encourage innovation and enhance environmental harmony;
  • Contribute to building and maintaining a knowledge economy and a scientific research capability in the forest sector;
  • Establish and strengthen inter-institutional links and foster links between public research institutes and industry;
  • Evaluate progress on and disseminate the outputs of CoFoRD funded research to ensure maximum benefit;
  • Build capability and capacity among Irish based forest researchers so as to enable them to compete for non-Exchequer funding such as under the EU Framework Programme.

Grant awards are made for projects undertaken collaboratively by DAFM approved Research Performing Organisation’s. CoFoRD programme expenditure arises on foot of successful applications to DAFM’s National Calls for Proposals that are held periodically. The CoFoRD programme is also used to fund Irish researchers who have been successful in competitive transnational research calls including various European Research Area Networks (ERA-Nets)

Currently the seven thematic areas of FORI help guide the Programme.  The purpose of the Forest Research Ireland (FORI) Report is to capture specific policy, knowledge and production focused research topics and ideas relevant to the needs of forest stakeholders. This process was initiated by the COFORD Council in 2012 and has been facilitated by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s Research & Codex Division with wide stakeholder involvement including public consultation.

FORI identifies seven thematic areas within which the Strategic Research Agenda is set out. 

  • Expansion of the Forest Resource - sustainable increase in productive area
  • Productivity - sustainable improvements in crop productivity and quality
  • Resource Utilisation - stand modelling, recovery, supply chain, utilisation and optimisation
  • Adding Value - wood processing and product development
  • Forest Resource Protection - protecting the resource from biotic and abiotic and threats
  • Ecosystem Services - the benefits people obtain from forest ecosystem
  • Climate Change - impact adaption and mitigation - responding to a changing climate

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    For further information please contact:

    Research & CODEX Division
    Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

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