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The Bioeconomy

Added 17.07.18

  • What is the bioeconomy?

The bioeconomy, as described in the updated EU bioeconomy strategy, covers all sectors and systems that rely on biological resources (animals, plants, micro-organisms and derived biomass, including organic waste), their functions and principles. It includes and interlinks: land and marine ecosystems and the services they provide; all primary production sectors that use and produce biological resources (agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture); and all economic and industrial sectors that use biological resources and processes to produce food, feed, bio-based products, energy and services.


  • National Policy Statement on the Bioeconomy

The National Development Plan - Project Ireland 2040 the Government's €116 billion development plan which is underpinned by a 20 year planning framework, highlights the potential of the circular bioeconomy in promoting the more efficient use of renewable resources while supporting economic development and employment in rural Ireland.

As part of Project 2040 the Government published  the first National Policy Statement on the Bioeconomy (March 2018).  Through this commitment the Government recognises that the bioeconomy is crucial for decarbonisation, sustainability and circularity while also providing an impetus to competiveness and rural and regional development and employment.

  • Bioeconomy Implementation Group

The Government has mandated an implementation group jointly chaired by the Departments of Agriculture, Food and Marine and Communications, Climate Action and Environment to address a number of major actions, in close collaboration with bioeconomy industries and other partners, and report back to Government within a year.

Implementation Progress Report


  • The Bioeconomy Implementation Group held 4 meetings throughout 2018 and two meetings in 2019 (minutes (pdf 706Kb)     

Useful links for more Bioeconomy related information:

Upcoming Funding & Events:

Funding – news updates:

  • The Irish Bioeconomy Foundation in collaboration with the Bioeconomy Implementation Group have produced a brochure (pdf 2,572Kb)    signposting the main bioeconomy related funding opportunities and supports available for a range of stakeholders.
  • 2020 BBI JU Call is now OPEN for proposals until 3 September 2020, 17:00 CET. With an indicative budget of €102 million, it covers 16 topics in four strategic orientations: feedstock, process, products, and market uptake. Check the call booklet for more details and register to attend
  • 2020 Call for proposals for the EU LIFE programme was launched on 02 April 2020 with funding amounts up to 55 % of co-funding for most LIFE projects including on bioeconomy and up to 75 % for nature and biodiversity projects. EU Commission will run a virtual conference on 30th April – Registration here.

Upcoming Events:

Past Events:

  • Bioeconomy Ireland Day 2018
  • The Bioeconomy Implementation Group coordinated Bioeconomy Ireland Day 2018, an information-sharing & networking event, which attracted over 250 attendees at the National Bioeconomy Campus in Lisheen in October 2018 to highlight bioeconomy activity and national  and EU supports. The event included a workshop to harvest common insights, themes and ideas expressed by stakeholders during Bioeconomy Ireland Day 2018.  This feedback has been summarised in the following report.
  • Bioeconomy Ireland Week 11th – 18th October, 2019
  • BBI stakeholders forum – 4 December 2019, Brussels
  • The European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF) and the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) attended a meeting with Irish Bioeconomy Stakeholders on 04 March 2020, hosted by the Bioeconomy Implementation Group  (Presentations from the BIG (pdf 2,945Kb)   , ECBF (pdf 1,310Kb)  , IBF (pdf 936Kb) , BiOrbic (pdf 550Kb)  and ISIF (pdf 911Kb)