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Minister of State Hayes announces Free Forestry Advisory Clinics - 20 TO 31 JANUARY 2014 13 January 2014
Minister Coveney's Statement on Irish Open 14 January 2014
Coveney Announces Support of more than €12.5 billion for the Agriculture Sector 14 January 2014
The Future for the Agriculture Sector is Smart and Green 16 January 2014
CAP Reform Decisions Show Commitment to Young Farmers 17 January 2014
Ireland 1.63% over Quota at end of December 2013 21 January 2014
Minister Coveney Welcomes the re-opening of Lebanese Market to Irish Beef, Sheepmeat and Cooked Meats 22 January 2014
Coveney and Hogan announce details of Ireland's 3rd Nitrates Action Programme 29 January 2014
Coveney Announces Further Funding for Animal Health Ireland's Johne's Disease Control Programme 29 January 2014



Minister Clarifies Issues Relating to Direct Payments for 2014-2019 05 February 2014
Coveney and Hogan welcome renewal of Ireland's Nitrates Derogation 05 February 2014
Coveney Announces Food Harvest Prepared Consumer Foods Groups 06 February 2014
Minister Announces Details of €40M Investment in Irish Beef Farming 03 February 2014
2013 Sheep Census - Minister Coveney Announces Two-Week Extension to Closing Date for Submissions: New Closing Date Friday, 14 February 05 February 2014
Coveney Comments on Weather Implications for Farming 07 February 2014
Minister Hayes Visits Fruit Logistica in Berlin 07 February 2014
Hayes Announces Extension of State Aid Approval for Forestry 11 February 2014
Minister Coveney Announces Opening for Applications under the 2014 Nitrates Derogation 12 February 2014
Minister announces Public Consultation process for the 'Agri-Taxation Review' 11 February 2014
Hayes Highlights Opportunities for Organic Sector at Biofach, Organic Trade Fair 12 February 2014
Ireland's Quota Position Improves Slightly in January 17 February 2014
Dáil Debate on Storm Damage 12/02/2014 17 February 2014
Hayes Welcomes Potato Promotion Plans 18 February 2014
Coveney Comments on Need for Fodder Budgeting 26 February 2014
Coveney Completes Package for 2015 Basic Payment Scheme 26 February 2014
Minister of State Hayes Opens Fire Seminar 28 February 2014



Minister of State Hayes Launches National Tree Week 03 March 2014
Windblow Guidance Issues to Forest Owners 04 March 2014
Minister Coveney Addresses the World's Largest Seafood Conference, The North Atlantic Seafood Forum 05 March 2014
Minister Coveney Announces the Opening of 2014 Single Payment Online Application Facility and Confirms Closing Date for Receipt of Applications 05 March 2014
Farm Safety - An Important Message to Farmers 07 March 2014
Minister Coveney Signs Commencement Order for Animal Health & Welfare Act 2013 07 March 2014
Minister Hayes Announces the Signing of the Contract to Undertake a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Departments New Forestry Programme for the Period 2014 - 2020 10 March 2014
Coveney Comments on Welcome Weather Reprieve 11 March 2014
Minister Coveney Announces 2014 Call for Research Proposals 11 March 2014
Coveney Participates in Saint Patrick's Day Events in Australia and New Zealand 11 March 2014
Agreement Reached Between The European Union, Norway and The Faroe Islands on Mackerel After Lengthy Negotiations 13 March 2014
Minister Hayes Reminds Farmers and Landowners of the Risks Associated with Uncontrolled Burning of Vegetation 14 March 2014
Publication of Nitrates Derogation Guidance 14 March 2014
Minister Coveney congratulates George Lee on new appointment 14 March 2014
Minister Coveney meets Irish Community Groups in Australia 18 March 2014
Minister Hayes Outlines Availability of Current Forest Road Scheme 19 March 2014
Minister Coveney Announces €23M Package for Piers and Harbours Country Wide 20 March 2014
Minister Coveney meets Fonterra, World's leading Dairy Exporter in New Zealand 21 March 2014
Minister Hayes presents the Bord na gCon Annual Greyhound Racing Awards 24 March 2014
Hayes Urges Forest Owners to Attend Windblow Events 28 March 2014



Coveney Announces Result of the Final Milk Quota Trading Scheme 01 April 2014
Minister Coveney Welcomes Plans for Largest Marine Food Ingredients Plant in the World 02 April 2014
Hayes Opens All Island State Veterinarians' Conference 04 April 2014
Hayes Announces Payment of €27 million Annual Forestry Premiums 07 April 2014
Minister to Host Round Table on the Development of the Beef Sector 08 April 2014
Minister Coveney Announces Extension to Closing Date for Submissions to Beef Genomics Scheme/Beef Data Programme 08 April 2014
Hayes Launches Restored Bridges at Castlecomer Discovery Park 11 April 2014
Coveney Announces the Addition of Financial Self-Services to his Department's On-line Services 11 April 2014
Coveney Announces the Issuing of Payments Under the Burren Farming for Conservation Programme 11 April 2014
Department Issues Parasitic Disease Forecast 14 April 2014
Contract Signed for a Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment of the Works on Haulbowline Island 15 April 2014
Hayes Highlights Risk of wildfires over Easter 16 April 2014
Ireland likely to End Year at less than 1% Over Quota 16 April 2014
Coveney Welcomes Constructive Engagement by Participants at Beef Roundtable 17 April 2014
Hayes Opens Refurbished Stand at Youghal Greyhound Stadium 28 April 2014
Coveney Announces Commencement of Payments under Agri-Environment Options Scheme (AEOS 3) 30 April 2014



Minister Coveney Announces €4m for Dredging Works at Dunmore East 01 May 2014
Coveney Welcomes Approval for Irish Dairy Companies to Export to China 01 May 2014
Coveney Targeting Development of Seafood Industry Announces €8 Million Investment by Seafood Processors 02 May 2014
Minister Coveney Reminds Farmers that Closing Date under 2014 Single Payments Scheme is Thurs 15 May 2014 and Welcomes Increase Use of INET 06 May 2014
Hayes and O'Neill launch All Ireland Charlara Conference and Underline Importance of Co-Operation on Plant Health Matters 08 May 2014
Hayes Welcomes Teagasc Horticulture Developments 08 May 2014
Coveney Welcomes Jobs Boost for Killybegs from the Proposal to Build the Largest Marine Food Ingredients Plant in the World 09 May 2014
Minister and State Claims Agency Launch International Standard Health and Safety Risk Management System Across the Full Department 09 May 2014
Hayes Welcomes Launch of Cork Forest Owners Co-Operative Society 12 May 2014
Minister Coveney Attends Cork County Council Contract Signing for the Remediation of the Bridges to Haulbowline Island 12 May 2014
Coveney Announces Further Details on €4 Billion Rural Development Programme, 2014-2020 13 May 2014
Coveney Announces Inshore Fisheries Structures, Development and Conservation Package including €1M Funding for 2014 14 May 2014
New Animal Welfare Measures Announced at Conference in Dublin Castle 16 May 2014
Minister announces €5M allocated to Horticulture Sector Projects 21 May 2014
Minister Announces Details of Two New Initiatives to Support Recent and New Entrants to Dairy Farming 26 May 2014



Coveney Announces National Marine Conference 03 June 2014
Coveney Chairs Second Beef Roundtable 03 June 2014
Coveney Announces Re-Focused BVD Assistance Measures 04 June 2014
Statement by Minister Coveney on the Investigation by his Department into Infringements under the Milk Quota Regulation 04 June 2014
Hayes Addresses National Conference on Forestry 06 June 2014
Minister Coveney Secures €148 Million EU Funds for Seafood Industry 12 June 2014
Hayes Talks Beef with Top Chinese Politician, Mr. Liu Yunshan on Farm Visit in Co Wicklow 17 June 2014
Statement from Minister Coveney on Irish Beef Prices 17 June 2014
Minister Coveney Acknowledges Significant Marine Policy Progress 18 June 2014
Coveney Showcases Irish Agriculture to Visiting US Agriculture Secretary 19 June 2014
Coveney Leads Trade and Investment Mission to US 23 June 2014
Minister Coveney Welcomes EPA Notification of Proposed Decision to Grant Waste Licence for Haulbowline Island Remediation Project 23 June 2014
Minister Hayes Welcomes Prospect of Irish Beef on US Dining Tables 23 June 2014
Coveney Meets Key US Retailer on Irish Quality Food Opportunity 24 June 2014
Minister Coveney Announces Positive Government Decision on Partial Merger Between Coillte and Bord Na Mòna 24 June 2014
Coveney Announces the Issue of Payments to Suckler Farmers Under the Beef Data Programme 25 June 2014
Coveney opens Irish Owned $80M Cheese Facility in US 25 June 2014
Hayes and Kelly jointly launch Timber Transport Guide 27 June 2014
Hayes Launches COFORD Annual Report 2012-2013 and COFORD 'Forestry 2030' Papers 27 June 2014
Coveney Meets Key Political Players in Washington DC 27 June 2014
Minister Hayes Opens the 10th European Pesticide Residues Workshop at the Convention Centre 30 June 2014



Hayes Launches Forest Policy Review Report 'Forests, Products and People' 02 July 2014
Ireland to Pay Lower than Expected Superlevy Fine this Year 02 July 2014
Minister Announces Decisions on the Coupled Protein Aid and Other Aspects of the Cap Greening Measures 02 July 2014
Coveney submits draft of €4 Billion Rural Development Programme to EU Commission 03 July 2014
Coveney invites Proposals from Trade Organisations for Promotion of Agricultural Products - 50% EU Funding Available for Successful Programmes 04 July 2014
Coveney Calls on Beef Factories to be More Proactive in Dealing with Current Beef Price Difficulties 04 July 2014
Coveney Launches Annual Review and Outlook for Agriculture, Food and The Marine 07 July 2014
Hayes Publishes Greyhound Racing Review 07 July 2014
Coveney appoints Joe Healy as Chairman of Commonage Implementation Committee 09 July 2014
Ministers Coveney and Howlin Approve €59M Investment in Smartply Facility 10 July 2014
Hayes Launches New Book on Heritage Detailing 68 Varieties of Irish Apples 16 July 2014
National Farm Safety Awareness Day - 21st July 2014 21 July 2014
Results of National Residue Plan Show Continuing Trend of Low Numbers of Positives 24 July 2014
Coveney Meets O'Neill to Discuss Beef 24 July 2014
Minister Coveney Welcomes Confirmation by EPA of Waste Licence for Haulbowline Island Remediation Project 25 July 2014
Minister Hayes Presents Certification to ISO 9001 to Inheritance Enquiry Unit, Portlaoise 28 July 2014
Department Announces 2014 Interim Nitrogen and Phosphorus Statements 28 July 2014
New Commonage Implementation Committee to Meet Shortly 30 July 2014
New CEDRA Interdepartmental Group Established 31 July 2014



Minister Coveney launches Public Consultation Programme on Producer Organisations in the Beef Sector 01 August 2014
Statement from Minister Simon Coveney TD regarding Russian Trade Sanctions 07 August 2014
Minister Coveney Welcomes the Opening of the Market in the Philippines to Exports of Beef, Pigmeat and Sheepmeat from Ireland 14 August 2014
Minister Announces First Meeting of the Commonage Implementation Committee 20 August 2014
Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Simon Coveney TD Opens the Connemara Pony Festival 2014 21 August 2014
Coveney Meets IFA on Beef Issues, Minister Calls for Flexibility from Factories 28 August 2014
Coveney Welcomes Dairy Supports 28 August 2014
Minister Hayes Welcomes IFA Forest Assessor Service 28 August 2014



Hayes Opens 'Talking Timber' Event 02 September 2014
Minister Coveney Welcomes the Opening of the Market in Vietnam to Exports of Pigmeat from Ireland 02 September 2014
Coveney Continues Engagement with Beef Stakeholders 02 September 2014
Coveney Meets Beef Processors 03 September 2014
Coveney Gives Updates on Commonages 03 September 2014
Coveney Calls for Strong Action from the EU Commission to Maintain Agri-Food Market Stability in the EU 05 September 2014
Hayes Announces Details of Proposed New Forestry Programme 2014-2020 10 September 2014
Coveney Welcomes Appointment of New Agriculture Commissioner 10 September 2014
Minister Outlines Further Details of Information Meetings for Commonage Farmers 10 September 2014
Coveney Announces National Dairy Conference 15 September 2014
Coveney Welcomes Industry Vision for Prepared Consumer Foods 16 September 2014
Coveney Launches Milestones for Success 2014 22 September 2014
Minister Coveney announces payments worth €149 million under 2014 Disadvantaged Areas Scheme 24 September 2014
Coveney announces new service to Assist Bereaved Farm Families 24 September 2014
Minister Coveney Re-Appoints Mr Michael Carey As Chairman To An Bord Bia 25 September 2014
Minister Hayes presents Wood Fuel Assurance Scheme certificate to successful companies as the National Ploughing Championships 26 September 2014



Coveney Announces New Investigations Division in the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine 01 October 2014
Minister Coveney Launches New Animal Welfare Guidelines for Horses at Gatherings and Sales 02 October 2014
Hayes Opens New Bull Stud at Dovea 03 October 2014
Coveney Raises Awareness of Global Hunger and Marks United Nations World Food Day 2014 08 October 2014
Coveney Welcomes Publication of "Forest Research Ireland" Report 09 October 2014
Minister Coveney Launches Beef Pricewatch App 13 October 2014
Coveney Secures EU Measures to Cope with Russian Ban on Fisheries Imports 14 October 2014
Coveney Announces Increased Budget Expenditure of €1.251 Billion in 2015 14 October 2014
Coveney Announces Most Substantial Agri-Taxation Package Ever 14 October 2014
MOS Phelan welcomes budget allocation for the Establishment of a Rural Innovation and Development Fund 15 October 2014
Hayes welcomes the 2015 Budget Provision for Forestry, Horticulture and Greyhound Sectors 15 October 2014
Minister Announces Introduction of New Farm Safety Scheme 15 October 2014
Farmers receive boost of early payments of €480 million 16 October 2014
Hayes Opens Horticulture Producer Organisation Conference 16 October 2014
Launch of €7.7 Million Joint Lamb Promotion 20 October 2014
Milk Production at almost 7% over Quota at End-September 20 October 2014
Hayes Presents RDS/Forest Service Irish Forestry Awards 2014 22 October 2014
Department Announces Interim Nitrogen and Phosphorus Statements Up to End of September 2014 23 October 2014
Coveney Welcomes and Highlights EU Leaders Decisions on Agriculture and Climate Change 24 October 2014
Minister Urges Farmers to Avail of the New Farm Safety Scheme 24 October 2014
Minister Hayes Launches the Farm Hazardous Waste Collection Campaign 2014 29 October 2014
Coveney secures agreement on intensive discussions between farmers and processors 30 October 2014
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Statement on Equine Atypical Myopathy 31 October 2014



Coveney Leads Major Trade Mission to China 03 November 2014
Coveney Announces Major Progress on Beef Market Access to China 03 November 2014
Coveney Hosts Major Ireland-China Seminar in Beijing 04 November 2014
Coveney Welcomes Record Irish Presence at Chinese Seafood EXPO 05 November 2014
Coveney launches 'Green Love' in China 06 November 2014
Major Irish Food Promotion Secured with World's Biggest Online Retailer 06 November 2014
Coveney Continues Dairy Offensive in China 07 November 2014
Coveney Concludes Highly Successful Trade Mission to China 07 November 2014
Statement from Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Simon Coveney T.D. on the death of former Minister Joe Walsh. 10 November 2014
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Expresses Condolences on the Death of Former Minister Joe Walsh 10 November 2014
Coveney meets new French Fisheries Minister to Discuss Proposed Quota Cuts in the Celtic Sea 10 November 2014
Coveney secures breakthrough in Beef Talks, Template for Future of the Sector Agreed with all Stakeholders at Beef Roundtable 13 November 2014
Statement on Avian Influenza Outbreaks in Europe and in the UK 17 November 2014
Coveney Hosts Major Dairy Conference 19 November 2014
Cross Government Committee Set up to Tackle Antimicrobial Resistance 20 November 2014
Minister Coveney Welcomes Mackerel Deal Giving Irish Fisherman an 89,000 Tonne for 2015 24 November 2014
Minister Coveney Opens Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance 24 November 2014
Hayes Opens the 9th International Conference of Producer Organisations for Fruit and Vegetables 25 November 2014
Minister Coveney announces plans for a new 2025 agri-food strategy, John Moloney to chair committee 25 November 2014
Coveney and Phelan Launch Social Farming Handbook 26 November 2014
€550 Million Balancing Single Farm Payments to Commence Issuing to 120,000 Farmers 26 November 2014
Minister Coveney Announces Major Changes to Brucellosis Controls in 2015 - Farmers to Benefit Further from Successful Eradication of Brucellosis 26 November 2014
Liver Fluke Advice 27 November 2014
Hayes Presents the 'Wood Awards Ireland 2014' 01 December 2014
International Fisheries Negotiations being Hosted in Ireland 01 December 2014



Minister Hayes Closes International Conference on Family Farming 01 December 2014
Hayes Launches €4.2m Investment Aid Scheme for the Commercial Horticulture Sector 03 December 2014
Coveney Announces €93 million in REPS and AEOS Payments Before Christmas 03 December 2014
Minister Coveney Welcomes Positive Outcome at International Fisheries Negotiations in Clonakilty 05 December 2014
Department Urges All Poultry Keepers to Register Flock Location 05 December 2014
Department Issues FAWAC Advice to all Keepers/Owners of Horses, Ponies and Donkeys 05 December 2014
Statement from Department Reminding Farmers to Submit Slurry Export Records Before the 31st December 2014 Deadline 08 December 2014
Coveney Announces €35 Million Payments to Beef & Sheep Farmers under the Beef Genomics and the Grassland Sheep Schemes 09 December 2014
Sheep & Goat Census 2014 Statement 09 December 2014
Minister Coveney Announces Grant Awards of over €20m for Agri-Food and Forest Research 10 December 2014
Coveney Calls for Full Implementation of Beef Forum Agreement 10 December 2014
Hayes announces Government Approval of New Forestry Programme 2014 - 2020 11 December 2014
Hayes Acknowledges Ireland's Second Biggest Food and Drink Export Market 12 December 2014
Coveney Rejects Drastic Cuts to Fish Quota Ahead of Crucial EU Fisheries Negotiations 15 December 2014
Minister Coveney Announces 2015 National Reserve Conditions 15 December 2014
Coveney calls on Commission to use Market Management tools in response to Dairy Price Drop 16 December 2014
Update on Tense Fisheries Quota Talks - Brussels 16 December 2014
Coveney delivers €123 million package of quotas for Whitefish fishermen 17 December 2014
Milk Production 6.51% Over Quota at End November 17 December 2014
Hayes launches updated guide to Good Hygiene Practice for Irish Country Markets 17 December 2014
Minister Coveney Awards Funding to Animal Welfare Organisations 19 December 2014
Coveney Welcomes Ireland-Russia Bilateral on Agri-Food Issues Meeting in Moscow Discussed Meat, Diary and Seafood Sectors 19 December 2014
Coveney Introduces Conservation Measures for Lobster and Shrimp Fisheries to Protect the Sustainability of the Inshore Fishing Industry 22 December 2014
Minister Coveney Announces Maximum Flexibility on Educational Requirements for Pillar 1 29 December 2014
Minister Coveney Announces Commencement of Payments to Participants under The Beef, Sheep and Dairy Discussion Programmes 30 December 2014