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Coveney welcomes opening of UAE market to Irish sheepmeat 04 January 2013
Record €9 billion food and beverage exports in 2012 welcomed by Coveney - Agri-food sector contributing to foreign earnings, economic recovery and Food Harvest targets 09 January 2013
2012 Sheep Census: Coveney announces two-week extension to date for submission: New closing date Friday, 25 January 09 January 2013
Coveney briefs EU journalists on Irish Presidency's Agriculture and Fisheries priorities 09 January 2013
Minister Coveney Welcomes New BSE Testing Rules 11 January 2013
Minister Coveney announces launch of the 2013 grant scheme for the development of the commercial horticulture sector 14 January 2013
Ireland hosts important week long international fisheries negotiations 14 January 2013
Minister Coveney meets 11 Food Works entrepreneurs as they begin their venture 15 January 2013
Coveney takes immediate action to reassure consumers following FSAI Survey Results - Thorough Investigation Underway 16 January 2013
Further Strategic Focus on the Dairy, Beef and Sheepmeat Sectors - Minister announces launch of additional phases of Technology Adoption Programmes for 2013 17 January 2013
Laboratory Test Results Announced 18 January 2013
Major Progress in Fisheries Negotiations in Clonakilty 18 January 2013
Coveney Announces Further Laboratory Test Results - Liffey Meats Burger Test Results Clear 22 January 2013
Coveney provides update on investigation into the source of Equine DNA at Silvercrest 25 January 2013
Major Breakthrough on identifying the source of Equine DNA - Irish Ingredients tested clear 26 January 2013
Coveney Announces Further Conclusive Test Results 26 January 2013
Minister Coveney Outlines Aim to Reach Political Agreement on CFP Reform During the Irish Presidency 29 January 2013
Minister Coveney Outlines Aim to Reach Political Agreement on CAP Reform During the Irish Presidency 29 January 2013
Minister Coveney Welcomes the Re-Opening of the Live Export Trade 30 January 2013



Minister Coveney Announces Further Extension to Deadline for Submission of Applications Under the Sow Welfare Scheme 01 February 2013
Minister Coveney Announces New On-Line Nitrates Derogation Application System 04 February 2013
Statement by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine as Investigation into Equine DNA in Burgers Continues 05 February 2013
Minister Coveney announces the opening of the 2013 Single Payment Online Application Facility and confirms Closing Date for Receipt of Applications 06 February 2013
Minister Coveney Announces High Levels of Electronic Calf Registrations - Over 890,000 Calves Registered Electronically in 2013 06 February 2013
Minister Coveney Welcomes Positive Vote by European Parliament in Favour of Common Fisheries Policy Reform (CFP) 06 February 2013
Promissory Deal a Major Step Forward in Rebuilding our Economy - Coveney 07 February 2013
EU Delivers €11 Billion Over Seven Years For Irish Agriculture Budget Gives Green Light For Cap Reform 08 February 2013
Coveney Announces Further Actions To Reassure Consumers As Horse Meat Controversy Becomes European Issue 12 February 2013
Member States Discuss Mislabelling of Meat Products 13 February 2013
Coveney Opens Major Bioeconomy Stakeholders Conference at Dublin Castle 14 February 2013
Coveney Welcomes Latest Steps to Address Mislabelling of Meat 15 February 2013
Press Briefing Update on Investigation, February 15th 18 February 2013
Minister Coveney Determined to Achieve Collective Agreement of EU Council of Fisheries Ministers for the Early Introduction of an Effective Discards Ban Under a Reformed Common Fisheries Policy 22 February 2013
Minister Coveney Calls for Significant Progress on Key CAP Reform Issues 22 February 2013
Coveney Announces New Control Measures in the Wake of Equine DNA Investigation 22 February 2013
Minister Coveney Welcomes Important Step Forward on CAP Reform 25 February 2013
Coveney heralds dawn of new age for European Fisheries after successful political agreement on the introduction of a discard ban 27 February 2013
Coveney gives update on Ash Disease 27 February 2013
Minister Coveney confirms the Issuing of Payments under the Burren Farming for Conservation Programme 27 February 2013



Coveney Announces Result of Fourteenth Milk Quota Trading Scheme 08 March 2013
Minister Coveney Invites Submissions for New Round of EU Food Promotion Programmes 11 March 2013
Coveney Re-Opens Organic Farming Scheme 12 March 2013
Coveney announces improvements to Terms of TAMS Sheep Fencing/Handling Scheme 13 March 2013
Minister Welcomes Opening of Australian Market to Irish Pigmeat 13 March 2013
Statement by Minister Simon Coveney TD on Reform of the Common Agriculture Policy in Dail Eireann 14 March 2013
Statement by Minister Simon Coveney TD on Department's Report into Mislabelling of Processed Meat Investigation 14 March 2013
Minister Coveney announces commencement of payments under the 2012 Dairy Efficiency Programme (DEP) 15 March 2013
Crucial Day for CAP Reform Negotiations - Coveney calls on member states to take a clear and decisive step towards a new CAP framework 15 March 2013
Coveney Hails Major Step Forward in CAP Reform Negotiations as Council of Agriculture Ministers Agrees Position on Reform Package 20 March 2013
Statement of the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine on the Agreement on CAP Reached Last Night - Topical Issues Debate of 20th March 2013 20 March 2013
Coveney Appoints Joe Keeling to Chair Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) 21 March 2013
Coveney Welcomes Opening of Iranian Market to Irish Beef 22 March 2013
Minister Coveney Announces Funding for ICBF and Sheep Ireland 26 March 2013
Coveney Announces 2013 Call for Research Proposals 26 March 2013
Coveney Broadens Diplomatic Presence to Emerging Markets in China and Russia 27 March 2013
An Important Step Towards a CAP Fit for the Future 28 March 2013



Coveney Announces Extension to Deadline for Submission of Applications Under the Sow Welfare Scheme 02 April 2013
Minister Coveney Reminds Land Owners and the Public of Dangers of Land and Forest Fires 05 April 2013
Minister Welcomes Election of New President of Macra Na Feirme 10 April 2013
Minister Announces Extension to 15 May, 2013 for Closing Off of Traditional Hay Meadows in AEOS 10 April 2013
Minister Coveney Announces Payment of Annual Forestry Premiums 12 April 2013
Coveney invites comments on All-Ireland Control Strategy for Ash Dieback 12 April 2013
Ireland Signs Three Year €21M Partnership Agreement with UN World Food Programme 15 April 2013
Coveney Welcomes Commitment from EU Member States to Secure Agreement on CFP Reform by end June 16 April 2013
Coveney Welcomes Publication of Equine Testing Results 16 April 2013
Minister Announces Opening of Application Period for Beef Data Programme 17 April 2013
Coveney Welcomes Announcement on Silvercrest 18 April 2013
"Cap Reform on Course" says Minister Coveney 22 April 2013
Coveney Announces New €1 Million Scheme to Reduce the Price of Imported Fodder to Farmers 24 April 2013
Comprehensive Package of Measures in Place to Deal with Fodder Situation 24 April 2013
Ministers Express concern at Dolphin Post-Mortem Results 25 April 2013
Coveney Welcomes Announcement of €157 Million Investment by Glanbia Ingredients Ireland Ltd (GIIL) 30 April 2013



Coveney Extends Imported Fodder Transport Scheme 01 May 2013
Coveney Welcomes EU Funding for Farmhouse Cheese and Mushroom Promotion - Congratulates Irish Trade Bodies 01 May 2013
Minister Coveney warns of danger of Land and Forest Fires 03 May 2013
Coveney Announces the Setting Up of a Centralised Equine Database 07 May 2013
Minister Coveney reminds farmers that the closing date under the 2013 Single Payments Scheme is Wed, 15 May 2013 and welcomes increased use of iNET 08 May 2013
Minister Announces Extension to Fodder Scheme 10 May 2013
Coveney Pushing Hard for Political Agreement from Council of Ministers in Difficult but Decisive Negotiations on CFP 10 May 2013
Minister Coveney Welcomes Positive Discussion on Key CAP Reform Issues 13 May 2013
Minister Coveney Secures Major Breakthrough in EU Negotiations on the Reform of the EU Fisheries Policy 15 May 2013
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Co-Sponsors International Forest Congress Meeting in Dublin 15 May 2013
Coveney welcomes political agreement on the future direction of Organic Farming in the EU 16 May 2013
Coveney Reminds Farmers and Forest Owners to Watch Out for Ash Dieback Disease and Urges Farmers to Attend Teagasc Chalara Meetings 16 May 2013
Minister Coveney Outlines Policy for Removal of Suspect Ash Trees Planted Under REPS/AEOS. 17 May 2013
Minister Coveney Announces €4.4 Million Investment Aid for Horticulture Industry 20 May 2013
Fodder Progress Update Statement 20 May 2013
Coveney welcomes return of Burger King contract Kepak Group to manufacture burgers in Ballybay 22 May 2013
Ministers Coveney and Hogan Announce Amendments to the Nitrates Regulations to Support Fodder Production 22 May 2013
Animal Health & Welfare Bill 22 May 2013
Minister Coveney Invites Submissions on Dog Microchipping 24 May 2013
Coveney Announces the Publication of the Annual Review and Outlook for Agriculture, Food & the Marine, 2012/2013 24 May 2013
Coveney Acknowledges Positive and Helpful Engagement of the European Parliment on CAP Reform at Informal Meeting of Agriculture Ministers in Dublin 28 May 2013
Minister Coveney Announces the Award of 6,000 AEOS 3 Contracts Valued at €20 Million Annually 29 May 2013
Fisheries Reform Achieved: A Brighter Future for Fisheries Secured 30 May 2013
Minister Coveney Welcomes the Reach to 80% of National Schools of the Healthy Eating Programme - Food Dudes - Next Generation Programme Piloted in Response to School Demand 31 May 2013



Coveney Encourages 'Sharing the Story' 04 June 2013
Minister Coveney Welcomes Formal Agreement Between Teagasc and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences on Scientific Collaboration and Exchanges 05 June 2013
Minister of State Tom Hayes Addresses Teagasc Event Marking 40 Years of Ireland in the EU and 40 Years of Teagasc's National Farm Survey 11 June 2013
Food Harvest 2020 High Level Implementation Committee to consider Fodder Situation 12 June 2013
Minister Coveney Announces Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) Assistance Measures 12 June 2013
Statement by Minister Coveney on Tragic Accident at Tramore Bay 13 June 2013
Statement by Minister Coveney on the Cabinet Decision on Coillte 19 June 2013
Ireland's Agriculture Sector is Committed to Sustainable Growth 24 June 2013
Historic Day for the Common Agricultural Policy as Irish Presidency Steers European Institutions to Landmark Reform Deal 26 June 2013
Minister of State Tom Hayes Opens the Charleville Agricultural Show 28 June 2013



Minister Coveney Leads 2-Day Business Development Mission to Switzerland 02 July 2013
Minister of State Hayes Presents Third Level Student Wood Awards 04 July 2013
Minister of State Hayes welcomes the European Panels Federation to Dublin 04 July 2013
Minister Coveney Publishes Guidelines for Capital Gains Tax Relief on Agricultural Land Transactions 05 July 2013
Government Launches Wide-Ranging Fishing Industry Safety Package 08 July 2013
Minister Coveney Welcomes Lifting of Ban on Irish Beef and Sheepmeat in the Gulf Region 09 July 2013
Hayes and O'Neill Agree All-Ireland Strategy to Control Chalara Dieback of Ash Trees 09 July 2013
Department Cautions on Heat Stress of Farm Animals in Intensive Units, at Pasture and During Transport 10 July 2013
Coveney Lifts Haymaking Restrictions for AEOS Participants 10 July 2013
Minister of State Hayes Reminds Land Owners and the Public of the Danger of Wildfires 10 July 2013
Veterinary Certificate Agreed with the Chinese Authorities to Allow for the Direct Export of Horses from Ireland 15 July 2013
Coveney Secures Agreement to Prepare for Trade Restrictions Against Iceland and Faroes as Iceland and Faroe Islands Continue Large Scale Irresponsible Fishing of Mackerel 16 July 2013
Minister Coveney launches new BIM 2013-2017 Strategy and announces €8 million in new investment this year in 25 Seafood Processing Companies 17 July 2013
Minister of State Hayes opens Ash and Hurling Conference 17 July 2013
Minister Hayes Congratulates World Ploughing Champions 23 July 2013
Minister Coveney Congratulates World Ploughing Champions 23 July 2013
Focus on Fodder - Early Action by Farmers Essential 24 July 2013
Hayes Outlines Growth Opportunity for Dairy 25 July 2013
Minister Hayes Highlights Contribution Made by Greyhound Racing Industry 27 July 2013
Minister of State Tom Hayes T.D. Opens the Ossory Agricultural Show, Rathdowney, Co. Laois 28th July 2013 28 July 2013
Department Announces 2013 Interim Nitrogen and Phosphorus Statements 29 July 2013
Coveney Expresses Sympathy at Passing of Colm Murray 30 July 2013
Minister Coveney Calls on Trade Organisations to Submit Proposals for EU Co-Funded Promotion of Agricultural Products 31 July 2013
Minister Hayes Recognises Achievements of Irish-Bred Horses 31 July 2013



Minister of State Hayes Opens the North Tipperary Agricultural Show 05 August 2013
2012 National Residue Plan Results Released by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine 09 August 2013
Coveney Opens the 2013 Tullamore and AIB National Livestock Show 11 August 2013
Minister of State Tom Hayes T.D. Attends the Bansha Agricultural and Industrial Show, Bansha, Co. Tipperary 21st August 2013 21 August 2013
Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Simon Coveney TD Attends the Virginia Show 22 August 2013
Minister Hayes Launches Organic Farming Action Plan 2013 - 2015 22 August 2013
Minister Hayes Attends the Gathering of Memories and Trophies in Tralee 26 August 2013
Hayes Attends Official Opening of the New Grandstand at Clonmel Greyhound Stadium 26 August 2013
Milk Quota Allocated to 91 New Entrants to Dairying 27 August 2013
Coveney Announces Final Milk Quota Trading Scheme 30 August 2013



Statement by Minister Coveney on the Death of Journalist Sean Mac Connell 04 September 2013
Hayes Attends Kerrygold 40th Anniversary in Germany 04 September 2013
Minister of State Tom Hayes Opens Timber Marketing Event 10 September 2013
Coveney Expresses Strong Support for Family Farms at EU Agriculture Council 10 September 2013
Coveney announces EU agreement for advance payment of SPS Payment worth €600 Million to be made six weeks early 11 September 2013
Coveney Announces Increase in Funding for Sheep Fencing in Mountainous Areas 11 September 2013
Coveney launches Milestones for Success 2013 12 September 2013
Coveney turns sod at new Tullamore D.E.W. Distillery in Co Offaly 12 September 2013
Coveney Announces further Research Support for the Agri-Food Sector 13 September 2013
Coveney Launches Public Consultation Process on the Food Harvest 2020 Environmental Analysis Report and the Development of an Agriculture Sectoral Low Carbon Roadmap 16 September 2013
2014 Bioenergy Scheme for Willow and Miscanthus Opens for Applications 19 September 2013
Minister Coveney announces payments worth €125 million under 2013 Disadvantaged Areas Scheme 25 September 2013
Early Issue of Autumn Forestry Planting Approvals 25 September 2013
Coveney in EU consultation on extending the Sow Welfare Scheme Completion Date 25 September 2013
Hayes Presents Wood Fuel Quality Assurance Scheme Certificates at the National Ploughing Championships 26 September 2013



Irish and Ethiopian Ministers for Agriculture Agree to Work Jointly on Agri-Food Development 04 October 2013
Department Issues Update on Ash Dieback 07 October 2013
Coveney Confirms that he has Approved Provisional Payments of 75% of Aid Due under the 2013 Imported Fodder Transport Scheme 07 October 2013
Minister Hayes Highlights Importance of Forest Owner Groups 08 October 2013
Hayes Announces Independent Review of Bord na gCon 09 October 2013
Minister launches Booklet to Raise Awareness of Global Hunger and to mark United World Food Day 2013 11 October 2013
Minister Hayes Opens Green Foundation Ireland Seminar 11 October 2013
Hayes welcomes the 2014 Budget Provision for Forestry, Horticulture and Greyhound Sectors 15 October 2013
Coveney delivers world first in beef genomics 15 October 2013
Coveney announces details of his Department's budget for 2014 15 October 2013
Minister Coveney sets up Independent LPIS Appeals Committee 16 October 2013
Minister Coveney Announces Advance Payments of €540 Million under the 2013 Single Payments Scheme 16 October 2013
Coveney fights for Irish Coastal Communities dependent on Mackerel 17 October 2013
Minister Hayes Opens Mushroom Conference 17 October 2013
Minister Coveney signals that Ireland has moved into an over quota position at end September 18 October 2013
Hayes presents awards to Members of the Association of Landscaping Contractors of Ireland 21 October 2013
Minister Coveney welcomes announcement by Alltech of 100 new jobs in Ireland 21 October 2013
Coveney announces 2014 Traditional Farm Buildings Grant Scheme 23 October 2013
Department announces Interim Nitrogen and Phosphorus Statements up to end of September 2013 24 October 2013
Dairygold Investment Welcomed by Minister Coveney - Processing Capacity essential to Achieving 50% Growth target in Food Harvest 2020 24 October 2013
Minister of State Hayes at the RDS/Forest Service Irish Forestry Awards 2013 24 October 2013
Coveney leads biggest ever Trade Delegation to Gulf Huge Opportunity for Agri Food and Equine Exports 25 October 2013
Minister of State Tom Hayes lauded Kilkenny's passion for producing good food at the opening of the Savour Kilkenny Food Festival 25 October 2013
Coveney kicks off Middle East visit in Qatar Bloodstock a key focus 27 October 2013
Coveney keeps focus on Irish Food in Abu Dhabi 28 October 2013
Minister Coveney opens Kerry Group's Dubai Office 29 October 2013
Department Updates Chalara Survey Findings 29 October 2013
Coveney Welcomes Positive Decision by US on Beef Imports 04 November 2013



Coveney Wraps Up Gulf Visit with Irish Food Event 01 November 2013
Minister Hayes opens National Organic Conference 05 November 2013
Hayes announces Department's new Forestry Online Services 05 November 2013
Minister of State Hayes presents the Malting Barley Excellence Awards 06 November 2013
Hayes launches future strategy for Broadleaf Trees 06 November 2013
Forestry Bill 2013 - Stakeholder Consultation 11 November 2013
Coveney Announces Extension to Deadline for Completion of Work under the Sow Welfare Scheme 12 November 2013
Opening of Forestry Planting Approvals Process 12 November 2013
Department launches online Registration facility for Pesticide Advisors and Inspectors of Pesticide Application Equipment 13 November 2013
North South Ministerial Council (Agriculture Meeting) - Joint Communiqué 13 November 2013
North South Ministerial Council (Agriculture Meeting) - Joint Communiqué 13 November 2013
Minister Coveney kickstarts implementation of the New Common Fisheries Policy 14 November 2013
Minister Coveney Consults Stakeholders on Fishing Opportunities for 2014 14 November 2013
Coveney Issues Reminder on Milk Quotas Situation 15 November 2013
Hayes Announces Launch of the 2014 Grant Scheme for the Development of the Commercial Horticulture Sector 15 November 2013
Coveney Welcomes Crucial International Negotiations on €1 Billion Mackerel Industry 18 November 2013
Coveney Announces Review of the Farmers Charter 18 November 2013
Minister Coveney Announces Significant Animal Welfare Action on Horses in Cork 19 November 2013
Hayes Launches Arrabawn Story 19 November 2013
Coveney Congratulates Waterford Blaa Bakers Association 22 November 2013
Hayes opens IFA Farm Forestry National Conference 2013 26 November 2013
Coveney Announces Commencement of Approximately €50 million to AEOS and REPS Payments for 2013 27 November 2013
Coveney announces Major Grant Awards of €26 Million for Agri-Food, Marine and Forest Research Projects 28 November 2013
Department Issues Liver Fluke Forecast 02 December 2013
Taoiseach and Agriculture Minister on Trade Mission to Japan 'Agri Food Trade A Major Focus' 02 December 2013



Hayes Addresses the Food and Drinks Industry Ireland 03 December 2013
Coveney Launches Consultation on Marine Research and Seafood Sector Low Carbon Roadmap 04 December 2013
Minister Hayes Promotes the Consumption of Irish Vegetables 11 December 2013
Coveney Launches €3.5m National Dairy Sustainability Scheme 11 December 2013
Minister Coveney Announces Commencement of Payments Worth €14m under the 2013 Grassland Sheep Scheme 11 December 2013
Minister Tom Hayes consolidates and strengthens the links between Irish food and drink exporters and their expanding French customer base 13 December 2013
Minister Coveney welcomes the signing of a contractor for Harbour improvements works at Cape Clear, Co Cork 13 December 2013
Coveney Announces Result of Penultimate Milk Quota Trading Scheme and Current Quota position 13 December 2013
Hayes Welcomes Results of National Forest Inventory 17 December 2013
Hayes Announces Bord na gCon Review 18 December 2013
Coveney Secures €260 Million of Fish Quotas for Irish Fishermen 18 December 2013
Statement from Minister Coveney 18 December 2013
Coveney awards funding to Animal Welfare Organisations 20 December 2013
Update on Preparation of RDP 2014-2020 19 December 2013
Minister Coveney Announces Commencement of Payments worth €9million to Participants under the Beef, Sheep and Dairy Discussion Programmes 23 December 2013