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Minister McEntee Announces Funding for the 2012 Grant Aid Scheme for the Development of the Commercial Horticulture Sector 06 January 2012
Consultation with stakeholders on the review of certain aspects of the Irish Horseracing Industry 09 January 2012
Minister Coveney welcomes €8.9 Billion Food and Drink Exports 2011 11 January 2012
Minister Coveney Announces Record Levels of Electronic Calf Registrations 12 January 2012
Minister Coveney announces extension to closing date for applications under the 2012 Bioenergy Scheme 17 January 2012
Minister Coveney warns about Potential Milk Super Levy 17 January 2012
Maximum Funding and Maximum Flexibility are Ireland's CAP Reform Priorities 18 January 2012
Minister Encourages Food Entrepreneurs to form Partnerships with Food Companies to Strengthen their Capacity for Growth 19 January 2012
Minister of State McEntee impressed by Medite Innovation 20 January 2012
Minister Coveney encourages farmers to make safe farming a resolution for 2012 23 January 2012
McEntee Announces Immediate Opening of Forest Roads (Grant) Scheme 25 January 2012
New agreement on organic fertiliser control set to reduce administrative burden for pig and poultry sector 25 January 2012
McEntee Announces Re-Opening of Broadleaf Thinning Scheme 25 January 2012
Minister McEntee - 'Rural Ireland will be main driver for Irish Economy' 27 January 2012
Minister of State Shane McEntee Announces Ireland's Closer Involvement in Tackling Forest Loss in Developing Countries 30 January 2012
Minister Coveney welcomes excellent progress on capacity and efficiency in his Department 27 January 2012



Minister Coveney Announces Nitrates Derogation Requirements for 2012 01 February 2012
Value for Money Reviews 01 February 2012
Coveney opens Public Consultation Process on How to Harness Ireland's Ocean Wealth 02 February 2012
McEntee meets Chinese 06 February 2012
McEntee Welcomes Increased Interest in Forestry 06 February 2012
McEntee Opens Beef Safety Conference 08 February 2012
Minister Coveney reminds Milk Quota Holders of their obligations 08 February 2012
Coveney Welcomes Focus on Agri-Food Sector in Finance Bill 2012 08 February 2012
NSMC - Joint Communiqué 08 February 2012
Coveney on Irish Sea Trawler to view new Discard Reduction Nets 09 February 2012
Minister McEntee visits Fruit Logistica in Berlin 10 February 2012
McEntee announces New Code of Practice for Farmers to Burn Vegetation Safely 10 February 2012
Food and Drinks Sector an Integral Part of Jobs Strategy, says Coveney 13 February 2012
Minister Announces Beef Technology Adoption Programme - "Programme a Key Driver in Implementing Food Harvest 2020 Targets" 14 February 2012
Minister Coveney Announces the Opening of 2012 Single Payment Online Application Facility 15 February 2012
Horse Location Premises to be Registered 16 February 2012
Minister McEntee Opens Ireland's Organic Food Stand at Biofach 2012 17 February 2012
Minister Coveney Announces Commencement of Year 2 Payments under the Burren Farming for Conservation Programme 17 February 2012
Time for the EU to get Tough on Mackerel as Negotiations with Iceland and Faroes Break Down 17 February 2012
Minister takes Chinese Vice President to Dairy Farm 19 February 2012
Minister Coveney reminds Milk Quota Holders of their obligations 22 February 2012
Minister of State Addresses the IFA/Teagasc National Potato Conference 22 February 2012
Minister Announces Extension to Deadline for Receipt of 2011 Sheep and Goat Census Returns 23 February 2012
BVD Eradication Scheme Supports 23 February 2012
Minister McEntee sees bright future for the Irish Nursery Stock Industry 23 February 2012
Coveney Attends Irish Skipper Expo, Galway 25 February 2012
Minister Coveney Announces Commencement of Payments Worth in Excess of €5 Million Under the Dairy Efficiency Programme 27 February 2012
Minister Coveney Announces Allocations to Successful Applicants under the 2011 Single Payment Scheme National Reserve 29 February 2012



Minister Coveney announces Indecon Consultants to carry out review of the Irish Horse Racing Industry 02 March 2012
McEntee marks National Tree Week by Planting Trees for Charity Fundraiser 05 March 2012
Coveney has Extensive Discussions on CAP Reform 06 March 2012
Incredible Edibles 2012 Launched by Minister Shane McEntee TD 06 March 2012
Department of Agriculture Single Payment Pack to Include Farm Safety Message 06 March 2012
Minister McEntee announces continuation of the Organic Farming Scheme 07 March 2012
Minister Coveney Reminds Milk Quota Holders of their Obligations 08 March 2012
Minister McEntee presents Organic Educational Awards at An t-Ionad Glas College 09 March 2012
Minister of State MCEntee Attends the Annual Greyhound Racing Awards in the Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone 11 March 2012
Coveney Welcomes US Beef Rule Consultation 10 March 2012
One Step Closer for Waterford BLAA 14 March 2012
Minister Expresses Concern at Possible Super Levy Fine 14 March 2012
Minister Coveney Meets with his Lithuanian Counterpart in Dublin for CAP Talks 14 March 2012
Reminder to farmers of closing date of 31 March 2012 for Nitrates Derogation Applications 14 March 2012
Minister Shane McEntee launches 2012 Farm Walk and Talk Series at Gurteen College 14 March 2012
Coveney visits Benelux Countries to Promote Irish Trade and Tourism 16 March 2012
Minister calls for Stronger EU Action on "Unjustifiable and Unsustainable" Mackerel Fishing by Iceland and the Faroe Islands 19 March 2012
Comments by Minister for Agriculture Food and the Marine Simon Coveney TD on the school building projects announcements 12 March 2012
Government Launches Innovative Africa Agri-Food Development Fund 21 March 2012
Minister Coveney Announces the Opening of the On-Line Mapping Facility 2012 INet 21 March 2012
Minister McEntee Congratulates Winners of NDC Milk It For All It's Worth Competition 21 March 2012
Minister of State Shane McEntee Warns of Risks posed by Illegal and Uncontrolled Land Burning 22 March 2012
Minister Coveney Announces Results of Twelfth Milk Quota Trading Scheme 22 March 2012
Coveney Says it is Decision Time on CAP 27 March 2012
Minister of State McEntee urges continued vigilance as the threat of land fires increases 30 March 2012
Department of Agriculture are Dealing with an Instance of Avian Influenza in Pheasants in West Cork 30 March 2012



Minister Coveney calls for submissions for new round of EU Promotion Programmes 02 April 2012
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine confirms Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Pheasants in West Cork 02 April 2012
Minister of State McEntee Announces Forthcoming Payment of Annual Forestry Premiums 03 April 2012
Coveney to Introduce New Text Message Service for Farmers 04 April 2012
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine announces Negative Test Results on Pheasants in West Cork 04 April 2012
Coveney Announces Sheep Electronic Tagging (EID) Arrangements 10 April 2012
China Trade Mission 2012 Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD to lead the largest ever Agri-Food Trade Delegation to China 13 April 2012
Coveney expresses concern at finding of dead greyhounds in County Limerick 13 April 2012
Irish Company is First Foreign Company to Gain Market Access for Horse Feed to China 16 April 2012
Two Chinese Ministers to visit Ireland in May and June - Coveney announces significant progress on market access for beef 16 April 2012
Focus on safety and sustainability of Irish Food Production at Sino Irish Forum in Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences 17 April 2012
Minister Coveney Announces Details of the 2012 Single Payment Scheme National Reserve 18 April 2012
Ireland's Trade Mission to China Identifies Major Opportunity for the Development of Boarfish Market 18 April 2012
Continuing Focus on Trade Export Potential for Irish Food in Chinese Market 18 April 2012
Commercial Partnerships Between Irish Agri/Bloodstock Industries and Chinese Companies in Jiangsu 19 April 2012
Key Note Address by Minister Coveney in Nanjing Agriculture University Ireland's Contribution to the Future of Sustainable Agriculture 19 April 2012
Minister McEntee launches the All Ireland Sheep Shearing and Wool Handling Championships 20 April 2012
Coveney concludes successful mission to China 20 April 2012
Minister Disappointed at Prospect of Super Levy Fine 24 April 2012
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Announces Lifting of Clonakilty Avian Influenza Restrictions 24 April 2012
Market Access for Irish Beef to Libya Expected Shortly 25 April 2012
Minister McEntee Announces Investment Aid of €3.7 Million for Horticulture Industry 27 April 2012
Coveney outlines a clear and strong Irish position on Fisheries Reform Talks 27 April 2012
Minister Coveney opens €39.5 Million pier development for Castletownbere and supports community led development strategy 30 April 2012
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Confirms a Case of Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM) in a Non-Thoroughbred Stallion in the West of Ireland 30 April 2012
Minister McEntee Highlights the Importance of the Horse Racing Industry to Ireland 30 April 2012



McEntee Launches Agri-Aware Healthy Eating Month 01 May 2012
Minister of State McEntee's Strong Praise for Soft Fruit Growers and Researchers 01 May 2012
Minister has faith in young enthusiastic, educated people to drive the Horticulture Industry forward 03 May 2012
Minister McEntee launches Sheep 2012 and New Teagasc Sheep Manual 04 May 2012
Minister of State McEntee urges vigilance and restraint as the threat of land fires remains 04 May 2012
McEntee Launches Agri-Aware Farm and Countryside Safety Initiative 08 May 2012
Minister McEntee Urges Rural Businesses to Think Big, Act Smart, and Embrace Innovation in all its Guises 08 May 2012
Minister Coveney reminds farmers that the closing date under the 2012 Single Payment Scheme is Tuesday, 15 May 2012 and welcomes increased use of iNET 09 May 2012
McEntee welcomes seminar on Innovation in Wood Usage, Design and Care 11 May 2012
Minister Coveney announces 'Farmers' Market Good Practice Standard' Awards for 2012 11 May 2012
Coveney achieves major breakthrough in preventing privatisation of fish quotas 14 May 2012
Minister of State McEntee welcomes initiative to improve the quality of future broadleaf forests 17 May 2012
Minister Coveney clarifies position on new contiguous testing arrangements 17 May 2012
Minister Shane McEntee welcomes start to 'Official Strawberry Season' 18 May 2012
Minister Shane McEntee encourages the development of Quality Food and Drink Products linked to Geographical areas 21 May 2012
McEntee says Dairy Expansion on track, 'No Room for Complacency' 22 May 2012
Minister Simon Coveney and Minister Joe Costello address international conference on developing agri-food sector in Africa 23 May 2012
Exciting Progress on Prospects for Beef Market Access to Chinese Market 23 May 2012
Coveney welcomes publication of Atlas of Trawl Surveys 24 May 2012
Minister of State McEntee reminds land owners and the public that the threat of land fires remains 24 May 2012
Over 140 new jobs to be created as Coveney announces €15.5 million in new investment in seafood processing industry 25 May 2012
Minister Coveney reminds farmers of closing date for late amendments under 2012 Single Farm Payment 28 May 2012



Minister of State McEntee welcomes delegation of Organic Farmers from Denmark 05 June 2012
Minister Coveney seeks approval for advance payments under the Single Payment Scheme 06 June 2012
Minister McEntee launches a new group called Organic Focus 06 June 2012
Coveney outlines structured approach to end discarding of Fish 11 June 2012
Breakthrough on discards at marathon EU fisheries talks - Coveney plays central role in EU agreement on workable discards solution 13 June 2012
Significant Market Access Developments during visit of Chinese Vice Minister - Direct export of Horses facilitated under New Agreement 15 June 2012
Department publishes final quota position 15 June 2012
Bord Bia Food and Drinks Summit 20 June 2012
Minister of State McEntee addresses National Farm Safety Conference 21 June 2012
Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD, leads foreign direct investment and trade mission to the USA 22 June 2012
Shane McEntee Launches 'Irish Forestry' Online Resource 25 June 2012
Minister Coveney welcomes International Nitrogen Workshop to Ireland 26th to 29th June 2012 25 June 2012
Minister Coveney announces improvements to terms of Sow Welfare Scheme 27 June 2012
Department announces current estimated Milk Quota Position 27 June 2012
McEntee welcomes McManus sponsorship of Greyhound Racing 27 June 2012
Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD concludes successful visit to Washington, D.C. 27 June 2012
Minister Coveney emphasises economic importance of Drinks Industry and of the US Market during his trade visit to the US 28 June 2012
Minister McEntee attends the BETDAQ Night of Champions Event at the Kingdom Greyhound Stadium, Tralee - 30 June 2012 30 June 2012
Minister McEntee Officially Opens Sheep 2012 at Teagasc Athenry 30 June 2012
Successful conclusion to weeklong visit with positive opportunities for Agri/Food Sector 29 June 2012



Shane McEntee addresses inaugural meeting of Organic Focus 02 July 2012
McEntee announces opening of two new offices by Forest Enterprises Limited 02 July 2012
Coveney in Paris and Strasbourg lobbying hard on CAP 04 July 2012
McEntee presents Third Level Student Wood Awards 05 July 2012
McEntee opens International Dairy Conference at Emerald Expo 2012 06 July 2012
Dublin Conference will address World Food Security Issues 11 July 2012
Minister Coveney welcomes passage of the Veterinary Practice (Amendment) Bill 2011 through Oireachtas 11 July 2012
McEntee announces re-opening of Neighbourwood Scheme 13 July 2012
Irish Researchers establish link between Diet, Gut Bacteria and Health Status in older Irish people 13 July 2012
Minister Coveney defends Ireland's mackerel interests at today's EU Fisheries Council 16 July 2012
Continued success for indigenous Irish Food Products applying for unique status 17 July 2012
Minister Coveney announces first payments under Agri-Environment Options Scheme 2011 (AEOS 2) 18 July 2012
Great Work and Business Opportunities at Glas 19 July 2012
Minister Coveney welcomes the opening of the Singapore Market to the exports of Sheepmeat from Ireland 20 July 2012
McEntee officially opens Bridgetown Agricultural Show 22 July 2012
Coveney says agriculture based 'Biosector' is key to export earnings 23 July 2012
Minister building allies in Europe on CAP Reform 23 July 2012
Coveney announces EU agreement for early payment to Irish farmers of over €600M 25 July 2012
Sixteen Irish-bred horses will compete for nine different countries in Equestrian events at the London Olympic Games - Coveney 26 July 2012
Coveney positive on CAP following intensive discussions with key players 27 July 2012
Coveney delivers secure future for salmon farming in south Connemara 27 July 2012
Taoiseach launches plan to double Ireland's Ocean Wealth 31 July 2012
Coveney publishes Indecon Report 31 July 2012



Minister Coveney announces 2013 Bioenergy Scheme for Willow and Miscanthus 01 August 2012
2011 National Residue Plan Results released by The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine 08 August 2012
Minister Coveney Welcomes Industry Contribution for Sheep Breeding 15 August 2012
Coveney offers condolences to families of those lost at sea in a week of tragedy 17 August 2012
Minister Coveney calls for submissions for new round of EU promotion programmes 21 August 2012
Minister welcomes new opportunities for beef and poultry exports to the United Arab Emirates 21 August 2012
Minister Coveney announces extension to closing date for receipt of 2012 Disadvantaged Areas Scheme 21 August 2012
Milk quota allocated to 92 New Entrants to Dairying 22 August 2012
Minister McEntee opens the Virginia Agricultural Show 22 August 2012
Department announces interim Nitrogen and Phosphorus statements 22 August 2012
Minister McEntee visits Meade Potato Company to mark National Potato Day 24 August 2012
McEntee Addresses Future Entrepreneurs 27 August 2012
Coveney announces publication of Annual Review and Outlook for 2011/2012 27 August 2012
Minister Coveney welcomes the opening of the South African Market to Irish Sheepmeat 30 August 2012



Coveney reports Agri-Food progress and identifies potential jobs harvest 07 September 2012
McEntee opens the Strokestown Agricultural Show 08 September 2012
Minister of State McEntee addresses Teagasc National Organic Conference 11 September 2012
McEntee Hosts Briefing on Deer Management Policy 12 September 2012
Minister Coveney delivers extension to periods for spreading chemical fertilisers and slurry 12 September 2012
Teagasc Forestry E-Newsletter launched by Minister of State McEntee 13 September 2012
Minister of State Shane McEntee presents National Organic Awards 13 September 2012
Minister McEntee opens new facilities at Carnew Livestock Mart 15 September 2012
McEntee highlights importance of Forest Owner Group 18 September 2012
Minister Coveney talks CAP reform with Baltic countries 18 September 2012
Coveney appoints Padraig Gibbons to chair Disadvantaged Area Scheme Derogation Appeals Committee 19 September 2012
Coveney signs contract for upgrade development works at Howth Harbour 20 September 2012
Coveney announces €20M Agri-Enviornment Options Scheme (AEOS) 25 September 2012
Coveney introduces new Department mobile website 26 September 2012
McEntee highlights growth of Wood Fuel Sector and presents Wood Fuel Quality Assurance Scheme Certificates at the National Ploughing Championships 26 September 2012
Coveney announces commencement of the compulsory phase of the Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) eradication programme. 27 September 2012



Minister Coveney addresses the Cork/Kerry Food Forum 2012 01 October 2012
Ireland achieves Aujeszky's Disease Free Status - Coveney 02 October 2012
McEntee welcomes National Trails Day 2012 03 October 2012
Coveney welcomes Kerry Group's China Partnership 03 October 2012
Minister Coveney opens International Conference on Food Safety in the European Union 04 October 2012
Minister Coveney attends the Dingle Peninsula Food Festival 05 October 2012
Minister of State McEntee highlights Tree Day 2012 09 October 2012
Coveney welcomes announcement of major investment by Kerry Group in Ireland 09 October 2012
Minister of State McEntee opens the Irish Grain and Feed Association's 2012 Feed Forum 10 October 2012
Coveney announces advance payments under the 2012 Single Payment Scheme 10 October 2012
Minister McEntee speaks at Launch of 2012 Global Hunger Index Report 11 October 2012
McEntee announces autumn issue of Forestry Planting Approvals 11 October 2012
Coveney announces extension to closing date for applications under the 2013 Bioenergy Scheme 12 October 2012
McEntee opens the Cattle Association of Veterinary Ireland Annual Conference 12 October 2012
Chalara disease found in young ash trees 12 October 2012
Coveney welcomes new restrictions on the advertising of food to children 12 October 2012
McEntee meets forest nurseries and hurley makers to strengthen measures on recent Chalara outbreak 16 October 2012
Coveney Launches €538 million Single Farm Payment Run 17 October 2012
Minister of State McEntee meets Forest Liaison Group on Chalara Disease 18 October 2012
Coveney to proceed with Implementation of Indecon Report Recommendations 19 October 2012
Minister McEntee addresses AGM of National Association of Regional Game Councils 20 October 2012
Food safety is the cornerstone of the food industry 23 October 2012
Deal on allocation of EU fisheries fund reached 24 October 2012
Coveney - Ireland to become world leader in promoting a sustainable food chain supply 25 October 2012
McEntee presents RDS/Forest Service Irish Forestry Awards 2012 25 October 2012
McEntee opens new offices of Forestry Services Ltd. 26 October 2012
Coveney welcomes measures to alleviate weather related difficulties for Farmers 26 October 2012
Innovation the key to success at Kepak's Consumer Food Facility in Watergrasshill, Co Cork 26 October 2012
Department Issue Liver Fluke Forecast and Alert 26 October 2012
McEntee announces further measures to stop ash disease spreading to Ireland 26 October 2012
Coveney strongly defends CAP funding in EU budget talks 30 October 2012
Schmallenberg virus confirmed in a bovine foetus in County Cork 30 October 2012
Coveney announces extension to deadline for submission of applications under the Sow Welfare Scheme 31 October 2012



North/South Ministerial Discusses further Co-operation on Chalara 01 November 2012
Coveney issues timely reminder about registration of horse location premises 02 November 2012
O'Neill and McEntee agree common position on ash wood imports 02 November 2012
McEntee congratulates business leaders from 26 companies on completing 2012 Enterprise Ireland Leadership 4 Growth Programme 06 November 2012
McEntee announces enhanced Ash Wood ban 07 November 2012
Minister Coveney presents Certificates to students of Clonakilty College 09 November 2012
McEntee announces Department's New Forestry Online Services 12 November 2012
Coveney announces result of thirteenth Milk Quota Trading Scheme 14 November 2012
CAP is core issue says Coveney 14 November 2012
Minister Coveney presents certificates to students of Kildalton Agricultural College 16 November 2012
McEntee opens newly certified organic restaurant 23 November 2012
McEntee welcomes supply of 40,000 hurley planks from Coillte 23 November 2012
Minister Coveney announces grant awards of €32M for Agri-Food and Forest Research 26 November 2012
Second All-Island Animal Disease Surveillance Report published 27 November 2012
Extension of time to lodge AEOS 3 application 28 November 2012
Payments proceeding ahead of schedule for 2012 28 November 2012
Minister McEntee says we must continue to capitalise on our strengths 29 November 2012
Minister McEntee says future of farming remains bright 29 November 2012
Coveney puts down a strong marker to protect the Irish Mackerel Industry 29 November 2012
Coveney welcomes new FETAC accreditation for the training of persons handling veterinary medicines 30 November 2012



McEntee announces temporary suspension of Ash Planting 05 December 2012
Coveney announces spending plans for the Agriculture, Food and the Marine Sectors for 2013 06 December 2012
McEntee welcomes the 2013 Budget Provision for Forestry, Horticulture and Greyhound Sectors 06 December 2012
Minister McEntee addresses National Agricultural Energy Efficiency Conference 06 December 2012
Coveney: Difficult negotiations ahead on foot of EU Commission proposals for 2013 Fish Quotas 06 December 2012
Minister Coveney welcomes budget support for Agri-Food SME's 06 December 2012
Coveney announces Brucellosis Testing Programme for 2013 07 December 2012
Coveney welcomes the opening of the Chinese market for Irish Boarfish Products 10 December 2012
Minister Coveney confirms direct aid payments of €1.4 billion 12 December 2012
Minister McEntee launches Agri Aware 2013 Farm Safety Calendar 12 December 2012
Government Steps up Ash Dieback (Chalara) Eradication Measures 13 December 2012
Minister Coveney warns of particularly difficult negotiations at EU Fisheries Council 17 December 2012
Minister Coveney announces changes to the TB Eradication Scheme 18 December 2012
McEntee welcomes enhanced facilities at Oakpark Forest Park, Carlow 18 December 2012
Coveney in second day of difficult and intense negotiations on fish quotas 19 December 2012
Coveney Successful in Difficult Negotiations on Fishing Quotas 20 December 2012
McEntee launches ITGA 'Forestry & Timber Yearbook 2013' 20 December 2012
Statement by Minister Simon Coveney TD 21 December 2012
Statement by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine 21 December 2012