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Coveney announces €487M in payments to 101,000 Farmers

Over €1 Billion to be paid to farmers by year end

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD, said today "I am pleased to confirm that these payments have started issuing, directly to farmers’ bank accounts, as and from Monday, 17 October".  He went on to say "these advance payments, worth in excess of €487 million, are initially issuing to almost 101,000 farmers whose applications are cleared at this stage and that further ongoing payments will continue to issue as individual cases are cleared".

The payments are issuing six weeks ahead of the payment date laid down in the governing EU Regulations, directly as a result of the case he had made to the EU Commissioner earlier this year. "At that stage, mindful of the beneficial economic effects on the farming community and the wider rural economy, I approached the Commissioner and successfully argued for agreement to make these payments earlier" the Minister explained, adding "this is the earliest date that could be agreed, it is the start of the new EU financial year".

The Minister said that it was important to note that payments will continue to be made under the Single Farm Payment Scheme as applications were cleared for payment. "I would like to remind farmers, who have outstanding correspondence with my Department to respond immediately in order that the applications can be cleared for payment".

He added that additional payments would continue to be made up to 1 December when the 50% balancing payments are scheduled to commence issuing. "I am confident that, by year-end, the vast bulk of the SFP will have been paid, the total value of which will be in excess of €1.2 billion."

Disadvantaged Areas Scheme also continues to issue, as cases are confirmed eligible. "While DAS payments only started issuing three weeks ago, already over €180 million has been paid, to over 82,500 farmers. However, mindful of farmers’ cash-flow situations, I have put the necessary arrangements in place to ensure that the remaining payments issue as soon as possible" the Minister said, adding "As in case of the Single Farm Payment, I would, urge any farmer who has been written to by my Department, to respond without delay, as, by doing so, issues which delay payments can be speedily resolved" the Minister added.

Date Released: 19 October 2011