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Minister of State Connick launches COFORD report forecasting a doubling of wood production

Minister of State Seán Connick today launched the COFORD report All-Ireland Roundwood Production Forecast 2011-2028, authored by Henry Phillips. The report, the first ever comprehensive all Ireland overview of wood supply, collates production information from Coillte, the private sector in the Republic, as well as from the Northern Ireland Forest Service and the private sector in the North of Ireland. It is the result of work carried out by a group convened under COFORD which has been incorporated, since 2009, into the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, chaired by sawmiller Mike Glennon, of Glennon Brothers.

Speaking at the launch today Minister Connick said: "The COFORD report shows that wood production on the island has the capacity to almost double in the period to 2020, from 3.8 million cubic metres per annum at present, to 7 million cubic metres by 2028. This will create substantially increased levels of economic activity, much of it rurally-based, and help to create sustainable and secure employment."

He added "By far the largest level of increase in roundwood production will come from the private sector in the Republic - in fact there is potential to grow wood supply from the sector eight-fold over the period to 2028. By this time the output from the Coillte estate and the private sector are likely to be at the same level. Increased wood supply, and the ability to profitably exploit it, will require significant investment by the forest industry and the State in training, infrastructure, IT and research. I am confident that the capacity and determination exists to bring these results about."

Also speaking at the launch, Chair of the COFORD roundwood supply group, Mike Glennon said: The COFORD group I chaired worked hard over the past year and more to produce an agreed, sector-wide roundwood production forecast based on the volumes that will end up in end-users' premises. It provides a sound basis for planning and investment at all levels in the industry. I regard it as a significant achievement that after much discussion and effort we have a shared view among all the players of future wood resource availability on the island of Ireland."

Minister Connick extended his thanks to Mr Glennon, Mr Michael Lynn the COFORD chairman, the Department's Forestry Division, Coillte, the Northern Ireland Forest Service, UCD, the COFORD team and all those who engaged in this work, for bringing it to a successful conclusion." 

Photo for Press Release 30/11

Minister Sean Connick addressing the attendance at the launch of the All Ireland Roundwood Production Forecast 2011-2028 at John F Kennedy Park, New Ross, Co Wexford on Thursday pictured with Michael Lynn (COFORD Chairman) and Mike Glennon (Glennon Brothers and COFORD roundwood supply group chair).

Photo for PR 30/11

Pictured at the launch of the All Ireland Roundwood Production Forecast 2011-2028 at John F Kennedy Park, New Ross, Co Wexford on Thursday were Mike Glennon (Glennon Brothers and COFORD roundwood supply group chair, Michael Lynn (COFORD chairman), Dr Eugene Hendrick (Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food), Minister Sean Connick and Henry Phillips (Forestry Consultant and author of the report) 


Date Released: 24 February 2011