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Reopening of Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Schemes (TAMS)

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD, today announced the reopening of the following TAMS for new applications:

  • Dairy Equipment Scheme;
  • Rainwater Harvesting Scheme;
  • Sheep Fencing/Handling Scheme;
  • Sow Welfare Scheme.

The Minister stated that the allocation of €20.5 million to TAMS for 2012 was sufficient to enable the Schemes concerned to be reopened and that he was committed to keeping the Schemes open for new applications until the end of the current Rural Development Programme, i.e. end-2013.  The Minister stressed that while it is his intention to keep the schemes open, the number of projects approved will be subject to the overall funding limits for the schemes. 

The Minister pointed out that the new EU animal welfare standards for sows enter into force on 1 January 2013 and that, in the circumstances, the Sow Welfare Scheme will exceptionally close for applications on 30 June 2012. 

As a number of simplification measures have been introduced into the application process and the Minister strongly advised farmers to use the revised application forms which are available on the Department's website.   The changes to the Schemes include -

(a)  the requirement to state the production levels on a holding in both the Dairy Equipment Scheme and the Sheep Fencing/Handling Scheme is now limited to those relevant to the dairy and sheep sectors respectively.   This will enable more farmers to participate in the Schemes concerned;

(b) the recent planning exemptions for the construction of rainwater tanks are now provided for in the Rainwater Harvesting Scheme;

(c) greater flexibility has been introduced in relation to the maps which must accompany application forms.

A selection process will be applied in order to determine those applications which will proceed to the approval process.  For this purpose, the Minister said that a series of tranches will again be used in order to ensure that approvals can issue to farmers throughout the period of operation of the Schemes.   The Minister confirmed that the same conditions in regard to the items eligible for grant-aid, grant rates, etc. would be applicable as had been in place under the previous versions of the Schemes.

Concluding, Minister Coveney stated:  "I am confident that the reopening of these Schemes will enable many farmers in the sectors concerned to complete the necessary investment works in order to maintain competitiveness and introduce increased efficiencies on their farm and so secure the future of their enterprises. In view of the impending introduction of the new EU animal welfare standards for sows at the beginning of 2013, I would urge pig farmers, in particular, to act quickly to take advantage of the grants available for upgrading their facilities by that deadline.  The reopening of the Schemes will also enable my Department to meet its commitments under the Food Harvest 2020 document."

Note for Editors

Dairy Equipment Scheme

The Dairy Equipment Scheme provides grant-aid for the purchase of milking machines, milk cooling equipment and certain ancillary items.   The available grant rate is 40% up to a maximum eligible investment ceiling of €40,000 for milking machines and €25,000 for cooling equipment.   Special incentives are provided in the case of certain Milk Production Partnerships and these are detailed in the Scheme document.

Rainwater Harvesting Scheme

This Scheme provides grant-aid for the installation of equipment for rainwater harvesting and treatment at a rate of 40% up to a maximum eligible investment ceiling of €25,000, i.e. a maximum grant of €10,000.

Sheep Fencing/Handling Scheme

The Sheep Fencing/Handling Scheme provides grant-aid at a rate of 40% for the provision of fencing and mobile handling equipment on sheep farms in Ireland.  The maximum grant available under the Scheme is €4,000.

Sow Welfare Scheme

The Sow Welfare Scheme aims to assist pig farmers to bring their facilities up to the standards required by the new EU animal welfare rules which enter into force on 1 January 2013.   The grant rate is 40% up to a maximum eligible investment ceiling of €300,000, i.e. a maximum grant of €120,000.

Date Released: 20 December 2011