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Minister Smith Addresses Oxford Farming Conference 05 January 2011
Minister Smith welcomes the opening of the Turkish Market for Irish Beef 07 January 2011
Minister Smith Applauds Success of Irish Food Company 07 January 2011
Minister Cuffe Announces 2011 Grant Aid Scheme for the Development of the Commercial Horticulture Sector 12 January 2011
Smith Welcomes Growth Prospects for Irish Food, Drink and Horticulture in 2011 12 January 2011
Smith Meets Banks to Stress the Need for the Availability of Credit to Farmers and the Food Industry - Particular Difficulties in the Pig Sector 14 January 2011
Smith Announces Extension to Closing Date for Applications under the 2011 Bioenergy Scheme 17 January 2011
Minister Smith Announces Record Levels of Electronic Calf Registrations 18 January 2011
Minister Brendan Smith and Minister Sean Connick meet with the New International CEO of Marine Harvest International and the Head of their Irish Operations to discuss plans for the expansion of production and employment in Ireland 19 January 2011
Minister Smith Chairs Meeting of Food Harvest 2020 Implementation Committee 19 January 2011
Minister Smith Announces Commencement of Payments Under the New €54 Million Grassland Sheep Scheme 24 January 2011
Minister Smith Welcomes EU Commission Initiative To Address Problems In The Pigmeat Sector 24 January 2011
Minister Smith cautions about "very real possibility of Milk Super Levy" 26 January 2011
Minister Smith Announces Nitrates Derogation Requirements for 2011 26 January 2011
Minister Smith welcomes decision to approve a new scheme for Aid to Private Storage for the Pigmeat Sector 31 January 2011
Smith Underlines Commitment To Young Dairy Farmers - Allocation of Third Milk Quota Increase under Health Check Agreement 31 January 2011



Enterprise Ireland's 'Leadership 4 Growth' Programme Launched 01 February 2011
Minister Smith confirms Opening of €53 Million Dairy Equipment and Rainwater Harvesting Schemes 02 February 2011
Beef 2020 Activation Group Announced 07 February 2011
Smith confirms Ireland to support EU proposals on GM Varieties 08 February 2011
2020 Road Map for Dairy Expansion Published 08 February 2011
Minister Smith confirms issue of Farm Waste Management Scheme Interest Payments 09 February 2011
Minister of State Connick welcomes recommendations from the Working Group on Land and Forest Fires 14 February 2011
Minister Smith thanks outgoing Chairman of Bord Na gCon 16 February 2011
Smith Again Warns About Risk Of Super Levy 16 February 2011
Mercosur Demands "Simply Not Acceptable" - Smith 21 February 2011
"Significant Improvement in Farm Payments" - Smith 21 February 2011
Smith Announces New Agri-Research Advisory Group 23 February 2011
Smith Outlines Assistance to Pig and Poultry Sectors 23 February 2011
Minister of State Connick launches COFORD report forecasting a doubling of wood production 24 February 2011



Minister Smith Supports Practical and Appropriate Measures to Tackle the Wasteful Practice of Discarding Fish at Sea 01 March 2011
Minister Coveney Highlights Importance of the Irish Marine Sector 14 March 2011
Minister Coveney Attends His First EU Council of Agriculture Ministers 16 March 2011
Coveney Announces Results of Tenth Milk Quota Trading Scheme 16 March 2011
Coveney Expresses Strong Reservations about Mercosur Trade Talks 18 March 2011
Coveney Supports EU Agreement on CAP Reform 18 March 2011
Minister Coveney and Le Maire agree joint statement on CAP and Mercosur 18 March 2011
Minister Coveney Congratulates Irish Racing Industry on Record-Breaking Week at Cheltenham 18 March 2011
Coveney meets Spanish Fisheries Minister Rosa Aguilar on the Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy 22 March 2011
'New Positivity Around Irish Agriculture and Food, Sector has Major Role to Play in Driving Economic Recovery' - Coveney 25 March 2011
Coveney Urges Farmers to get On-Line 30 March 2011
Department gives update on Phytophthora ramorum Monitoring 31 March 2011
Coveney in Ros An Mhíl to Support Efforts to Refloat Grounded Ship 31 March 2011



Coveney Welcomes Successful Refloating of the Pantanal 01 April 2011
McEntee Calls For Positive Approach To Beef 05 April 2011
Meath's New Minister of State for the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine focuses on his New Position 01 April 2011
Simon Coveney welcomes Prince Albert II of Monaco to the Marine Institute in Galway. Historic Memorandum of Understanding between Monaco and Ireland Signed. 06 April 2011
Coveney Congratulates New President of Macra na Feirme 06 April 2011
Minister Coveney Launches AEOS For 2011 06 April 2011
Minister Coveney Launches the National Hall of Fame Awards 07 April 2011
Minister Simon Coveney Launches Emerald Expo 2011 and Announces Department Support for the Event 07 April 2011
Coveney Announces Details of New Research Funding for Animal Health 12 April 2011
Coveney Appoints New Chairperson of Bord na gCon 13 April 2011
Coveney Urges Dairy Farmers To Heed Quota Limitations 13 April 2011
Increased Global Demand for Food to Drive Growth in Irish Agri-Food Industry - Coveney 14 April 2011
Coveney meets EU Fisheries Commissioner to emphasize "The Importance of Retaining Jobs in our Coastal Communities" 14 April 2011
Spring 2011 - Parasitic Disease Forecast 15 April 2011
Minister of State McEntee announces payment of Forestry Premiums for 2011 18 April 2011
Minister of State McEntee Reminds Farmers and Landowners of the Continued Risk of Forest Fires 19 April 2011
"The Urgent Need for Improved Farm Safety Cannot be Stressed Often Enough" - Minister of State, Shane McEntee TD 19 April 2011
Coveney Confirms "Personal Commitment to Agri-Food and Fishing Sectors" 20 April 2011
Minister of State McEntee Highlights Importance of Agriculture and Forestry Sectors in Meeting Renewable Energy Targets 20 April 2011
Minister Coveney Addresses Bord Bia Marketing Fellows at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School 21 April 2011
Coveney joins in celebrations of "Tremendous Irish Success Story" 24 April 2011
Minister Coveney Awards Farmers Market Good Practice Standard 2011-2012 to 30 Farmers Markets and Invites Further Applications by 24th May 2011 27 April 2011
Minister of State McEntee Opens National IFA Farm Forestry Conference 2011 28 April 2011
"Initial Reports of EU Impact Assessment on Mercosur Confirms Our Worst Fears" - Coveney 28 April 2011



Coveney welcomes Seafood Exports Boost on his visit to the European Seafood Expo in Brussels 03 May 2011
Minister of State McEntee appalled at fire damage over the weekend 04 May 2011
Minister Coveney announces commencement of payments to participants under the Dairy Efficiency Programme 04 May 2011
Minister Coveney confirms publication of EU Agricultural Payments Information 04 May 2011
The Agri-Food Sector can be a flagship for growth and economic recovery - Minister Simon Coveney 05 May 2011
Minister McEntee Announces Investment Aid of €4.1 Million for Horticulture Industry 06 May 2011
Minister of State McEntee Opens Irish Forestry, Woodland and Bio Energy Show 2011 06 May 2011
Minister of State visits people and areas affected by the recent land and forest fires in Donegal 08 May 2011
Minister of State meets Emergency Teams and says 'Thank You' to everyone involved in fighting Land and Forest Fires 08 May 2011
Coveney Highlights Importance of Discussion Groups 09 May 2011
Minister Coveney reminds farmers that the closing date under the 2011 Single Payment Scheme is Monday, 16 May 2011 10 May 2011
Agri-Environment Options Scheme and the Natura 2000 Scheme - Closing Date of 16 May, 2011 11 May 2011
'Rural Ireland to be One of the Main Drivers for the Economy for the Next Five Years' - Coveney 12 May 2011
Coveney to reiterate 'Continuing concern at pressure on Irish and European Pigmeat Producers' at EU Agriculture Ministers meeting 16 May 2011
Minister of State McEntee addresses 38th Annual Conference of the Irish Pig Health Society 17 May 2011
Minister Coveney welcomes record numbers of On-Line applications under Single Payment Scheme 17 May 2011
Minister McEntee Highlights the Importance of the Agri-Food Sector 20 May 2011
Minister Coveney highlights the importance of the Horse Sector to Ireland 22 May 2011
Food Dudes goes Stateside-USDA funding an evaluation of Food Dudes by the University of Utah 22 May 2011
Coveney Launches Review of Crawfish Conservation Measures 24 May 2011
Minister Coveney Welcomes Chinese Minister for Agriculture to Ireland 25 May 2011
Minister Coveney Announces Funding to the Irish Equine Centre for a Demographic Study to Establish the Extent of Unwanted Horses 26 May 2011
Coveney Looks Forward to More Positive Agri-Food Trade Relations Following "Very Successful" Visit of Chinese Agriculture Minister 28 May 2011
Minister of State McEntee warns rural dwellers to remain vigilant over the June Bank Holiday as the threat of future land fires remains 31 May 2011
"EU must continue to support Livestock Farming" - Coveney 29 May 2011
Coveney outlines "Real potential for jobs and added sales in seafood processing sector" 26 May 2011



Coveney announces 158 new jobs in Irish Seafood Processing Companies 03 June 2011
Coveney attends Special EU Agriculture Council on E.Coli and calls for restoration of confidence for Consumers and in market operations 08 June 2011
Minister Coveney seeks approval for advance release of €600 million EU Farm Payments 08 June 2011
Temporary Suspension of Applications for Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Schemes Pending Outcome of Expenditure Review 08 June 2011
Minister of State McEntee visits the Taste of Dublin 10 June 2011
Milk Quota Allocated to 84 New Entrants to Dairying 13 June 2011
Minister of State McEntee tells International Ministerial Conference "Our Forests must be managed in a sustainable way" 14 June 2011
Coveney welcomes progress in implementation of the Croke Park Agreement 15 June 2011
"Irish Food Industry Needs Strong, Recognisable, National Food Brand" - Coveney 16 June 2011
Minister McEntee Addresses the Annual Conference of the Association of European Mushroom Growers (GEPC) 17 June 2011
Minister Coveney Launches Inaugural Regional Food Showcase in the Southeast 20 June 2011
Coveney Addresses IFA Livestock Conference Coveney Welcomes Doubling of Beef Growth Target 21 June 2011
Minister Coveney welcomes introduction of increase in age threshold for BSE Testing 22 June 2011
Minister Coveney Opens National Farm Safety Conference 22 June 2011
Coveney meets EU Director General Lowri Evans, the Director General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries to set down Ireland's priorities for the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy 17 June 2011
Minister Simon Coveney TD attends the Clonakilty Agricultural Show - 12th June 2011 13 June 2011
McEntee applauds the co-operation of the public and private sectors in coming together to deliver expanded and upgraded facilities at Thurles Greyhound Stadium 13 June 2011
McEntee Officially Launches 2011 Irish Greyhound Derby 23 June 2011
Minister launches combined Safety Initiative urging Fishermen and Fish Farmers to wear a Lifejacket 23 June 2011
Minister Coveney announces commencement of payments under the New Burren Farming for Conservation Programme 24 June 2011
Minister Coveney welcomes Ireland's participation in the Global Research Alliance on Agriculture Greenhouse Gases 24 June 2011
Minister to chair steering group to address hazardous waste on Haulbowline Island, Co. Cork 24 June 2011
Horticulture Action Group Report Targets Labour Costs and Supermarkets 24 June 2011
Minister of State McEntee attends "Alternative Woodland Ventures" Field Day at Stradbally Hall 27 June 2011
Coveney will Demand Strong Action against Iceland and the Faroe Islands for Irresponsible and Excessive Mackerel Fishing at Tuesday's Fisheries Council 27 June 2011
Minister of State McEntee calls for action to support Women Farmers across the Globe 28 June 2011
Coveney gains support for trade sanctions against Iceland and Faroe Islands at EU fisheries council meeting 28 June 2011
Minister Welcomes Successful Outcome to Proposals Concerning an Advance Payment of the 2011 Single Farm Payment 29 June 2011
Coveney Re-Affirms Close Trading Relationships Between Ireland and the UK - Visit to London to Consolidate Co-Operation and Goodwill 29 June 2011
Entry of Pet Dogs and Cats into Ireland - Changes to Requirements from 1 January 2012 30 June 2011



Minister Coveney Announces Funding for Cattle and Sheep Breeding 01 July 2011
Ireland must harness huge seafood sector potential - Coveney 01 July 2011
Coveney Launches Initiative to Increase French Landings of Seafood into Ireland 04 July 2011
Minister Coveney Announces EU Agreement for Advance Payment of SPS 07 July 2011
Dairy Demonstration Farm to be allocated Milk Quota 08 July 2011
Coveney Welcomes Increase in BSE Testing Age for Beef Exports to Russia 08 July 2011
Department Urges Everyone Who Keeps Or Deals In Poultry To Register 10 July 2011
Minister of State McEntee Discusses Opportunities and Issues in Horticulture with IFA Leaders 12 July 2011
Minister Coveney Welcomes Ireland's Success in Securing EU Research Funding 13 July 2011
Coveney Looks Forward to Intensive Negotiations on New CFP Policy to Deliver Fair Deal for Irish Fishermen 13 July 2011
Minister of State McEntee uses GLAS Event to Urge Horticulture Amenity Sector to Work Together 14 July 2011
Coveney sets down Ireland's priorities in the CFP Reform and progresses the case for increase in cod quota in the Celtic Sea 19 July 2011
Minister Coveney Urges All Participants in Suckler Cow Welfare Scheme to Respond Immediately to Outstanding Correspondence 20 July 2011
'We need bees' - Minister of State Shane McEntee TD opening of beekeepers' 51st Summer School 24 July 2011
Minister Announces Re-opening of Poultry Welfare Scheme 26 July 2011
Coveney Maps the Path Forward for Agri-Food 26 July 2011
2010 National Residue Plan Results Released by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine 27 July 2011
Coveney and McEntee Welcome Musgrave €10 Million Fund 27 July 2011
McEntee points to Ireland's World Leadership in Thoroughbred Horse Industry 27 July 2011
Minister Coveney approves payments to ERS Dependents 27 July 2011
First Meeting of Haulbowline Government Working Group 29 July 2011
McEntee Presents the Baileys Champion Cow Prize at Virginia 30 July 2011



Minister of State McEntee opens the North Tipperary Agricultural Show, Nenagh, 1st August 2011 01 August 2011
Minister of State McEntee Reviews Progress at One of Ireland's Leading Distributors of Potatoes, Fresh Fruit and Vegetables 02 August 2011
Minister of State McEntee Welcomes Re-Opening of Newbridge Greyhound Track 03 August 2011
Coveney introduces new measures to safeguard Ireland's Horse Sector 05 August 2011
Coveney Welcomes New Opportunity for Beef Exports to South Africa Following Recognition of BSE Controls 08 August 2011
Minister Coveney Welcomes Industry and Graduate Take-Up of New Bord Bia Food Marketing Graduate Programme 09 August 2011
Minister Of State McEntee Launches The Tullamore and AIB National Livestock Show 2011 14 August 2011
Coveney Commends Rescue Services In Dramatic Rescue Off Baltimore 16 August 2011
Coveney announces eleventh Milk Quota Trading Scheme 17 August 2011
Awards for Farmers Markets Show High Quality of Irish Agri-Food - Coveney 22 August 2011
Minister Coveney confirms HRI CEO bonuses to be repaid and contract to be signed by September 20 August 2011
Minister Coveney Addresses International Meeting on Agricultural Occupational Health and Safety 23 August 2011
Minister Coveney opens Mitchelstown Artisan Food Festival 2011 28 August 2011
Coveney Opens The Limerick Show 28 August 2011
Minister Coveney Launches Major International 3-Day Environmental Conference During Visit to Timoleague Agricultural Catchment 29 August 2011
Taste Council Summer School 30 August 2011
Minister Coveney Announces First Payments Under AEOS 31 August 2011



Minister Coveney to publish bill to amend the Veterinary Practise Act 2005 02 September 2011
Coveney Opens The Bantry Agricultural Show 04 September 2011
Coveney Announces Provision of New Agent Facility on the Animal Identification and Movement (AIM) System 06 September 2011
Coveney Launches Glanbia/Teagasc Financial Planning Programme 06 September 2011
Ministers secure agreement on EIA Regulations for On-Farm Developments 07 September 2011
Mr. Shane McEntee, TD, Minister of State, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine at the Irish Greyhouse Derby Final at Shelbourne Park on Saturday 10th September 2011 10 September 2011
Minister of State Shane McEntee presents National Organic Awards 12 September 2011
McEntee underlines the importance of investment in Food Safety Research 13 September 2011
Minister Coveney welcomes increase in BSE Testing Age for Beef Exports to Tunisia 13 September 2011
Minister of State Shane McEntee addresses Teagasc National Organic Conference 14 September 2011
Minister Coveney reminds AEOS Farmers to Submit their Capital Investment Claim Forms 14 September 2011
Minister Simon Coveney Opens International 'Catchment Science 2011' Conference and Announces Funding for Agriculture Catchments Programme 14 September 2011
Statement on the CAP (Common Agriculture Policy) made by Minister Simon Coveney TD at the Private Members Business in Dail Eireann last night 15 September 2011
Minister of State McEntee meets IFA Farm Forestry Chairman 15 September 2011
Minister Coveney welcomes the re-opening of the Singaporean market to exports of beef from Ireland 20 September 2011
Minister announces commencement of payments under the 2011 Disadvantaged Areas Scheme 20 September 2011
Discussion groups improving Dairy Breeding Database - Coveney urges Dairy Efficiency Programme participants to register Herd Health Events 21 September 2011
Coveney Welcomes Commissioner Damanaki's two day visit to Ireland 21 September 2011
Launch of the All Island Animal Disease Surveillance Report for 2010 21 September 2011
McEntee Announces Forestry Promotion Week 22 September 2011
Launch of Booklet on Code of Practice for The Welfare of Laying Hens 22 September 2011
Highest Food Safety Standards underpin the growth of the Irish Agrifood Industry 23 September 2011
Coveney to lead Trade Mission to Algeria 24 September 2011
Coveney Meets Algerian Minister on Irish Agri Food Trade Mission 26 September 2011
Minister Coveney Opens UCD's Rosemount Environmental Research Station at Belfield 27 September 2011
Minister Coveney Opens Shop 2011 27 September 2011
Minister Coveney Congratulates Kilree Win at British Cheese Awards 28 September 2011
McEntee Presents Irish Cheese Awards 29 September 2011
'There is Real Potential for Growth in the Organic Food Sector' - Shane McEntee TD 29 September 2011
Minister McEntee Highlights "National Trails Day" 30 September 2011
Minister Coveney forges strong alliance with France on CAP and Common Fisheries Policy 30 September 2011
Initiative to Increase Irish Earnings in Bloodstock Trade with France 30 September 2011



Regional Food Showcase and Conference Coveney addresses the 2nd Regional Food Showcase - Led by Bord Bia and Atlantic Way 03 October 2011
Minister Coveney welcomes €40M package to clean up Haulbowline Site 04 October 2011
'Small Food Companies will always be important to the Irish Economy' Minister of State McEntee 05 October 2011
'When You Plant A Tree You Don't Do It For Today. You Do It For Tomorrow - For Your Children And Their Children In Turn' - Minister of State McEntee Marks Tree Day 06 October 2011
Minister Coveney sets the record straight on Direct Payments 99% of Single Payment Applicants to be paid in full by December 07 October 2011
Appointments to the Board of An Bord Bia 07 October 2011
McEntee highlights Milk Quality and Food Harvest 2020 Synergies 10 October 2011
Coveney Strongly Condemns IFA Action 10 October 2011
Coveney Comments on CAP Reform Proposals 12 October 2011
Minister Coveney Welcomes Extension to Period for Spreading of Slurry 12 October 2011
Opening statement on the CAP by Minister Simon Coveney Dáil Eireann, 13 October 2011 14 October 2011
McEntee Opens Irish Dairy Board Manufacturing and Innovation Centre 14 October 2011
Minister Simon Coveney T.D. Opens the National Dairy Show, Millstreet, Co. Cork - 15th October 2011 15 October 2011
Minister of State McEntee Presents the Eirgrid Euro-Toques Food Awards 2011 17 October 2011
Minister of State McEntee announces Autumn Forestry Planting 18 October 2011
Debate on CAP Reform Package launched at EU Agriculture Council 19 October 2011
Coveney announces €487M in payments to 101,000 Farmers 19 October 2011
"The Mushroom Industry is one of the success stories of Irish Agriculture over the past 30 years", Minister Shane McEntee addresses the All-Ireland Mushroom Conference, Monaghan 20 October 2011
Coveney outlines serious concerns about CAP Reform proposals 20 October 2011
Minister of State McEntee Visits Local Enterprises in Kildare 21 October 2011
Minister of State McEntee presents the RDS/Forest Service Irish Forestry Awards 2011 21 October 2011
Coveney seeks British support to protect Mackerel stocks at EU Council Meeting 21 October 2011
Coveney makes progress on Quota Negotiations at EU Fisheries Council 21 October 2011
North South Ministerial Council Agriculture Meeting Joint Communique 26 October 2011
Minister of State McEntee Welcomes Proposed Third-Level Course in Organic Horticulture. 31 October 2011



Minister of State McEntee Launches "County Wicklow Private Timber Production Forecast & Market Assessment (2010-2028)" 04 November 2011
Minister of State McEntee Addresses The National Compost Skillnet Conference 07 November 2011
Minister of State McEntee delighted to see Cork Capitalising on its Strenghts 07 November 2011
Minister of State McEntee launches Crann 25th Anniversary Publication 08 November 2011
Minister Coveney calls on other EU Member States to support Irish Industry efforts to deal with discard problem 08 November 2011
Minister Coveney launches Birdwatch Ireland's 'Action Plan for Lowland Farmland Birds' 08 November 2011
Department issues advice on Liver Fluke 09 November 2011
Minister of State McEntee welcomes the passage of the Welfare of Greyhounds Bill 2011 through the Seanad 09 November 2011
EU Recognition Beckons for Waterford BLAA 10 November 2011
Consultation on the impact of CFP Reform Proposals 11 November 2011
Minister Simon Coveney urges farmers to consider Farm Partnerships 14 November 2011
Minister Coveney Launches 'Pastures New' at Dublin Zoo's Family Farm on 16th November 2011 16 November 2011
Minister Coveney Announces Commencement of Payments for 2011 Born Calves Under the Suckler Welfare Scheme 16 November 2011
Food Safety the foundation on which the Irish Food Industry is built 17 November 2011
Minister of State McEntee marks the passage into law of the Welfare of Greyhounds Act 2011 18 November 2011
Minister of State McEntee highlights opportunities for Organic Sector at Organic Conference 18 November 2011
Visit to the Organice Centre, Rossinver, County Leitrim 21 November 2011
The Government's New Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff will benefit Farmers and Forestry Owners' - Minister of State McEntee 22 November 2011
Coveney outlines impact of Commission Proposals for the December Fisheries Council on Fish Quotas for 2012 23 November 2011
High level jobs initiative aims to deliver 250 jobs for Killybegs region by 2014 24 November 2011
Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine officially opens 'The National Seafood Centre' in Clonakility 25 November 2011
Minister Coveney Announces Brucellosis Testing Programme for 2012 28 November 2011
Christmas Trees are Worth €15 Million to the Horticulture Industry 28 November 2011
Minister Simon Coveney TD presents the RDS Champion of Champions Awards on 29th November 2011 29 November 2011



Minister Welcomes Announcement by Irish Distillers 02 December 2011
Minister Coveney supporting UCC Diploma in Specialty Food Production - 20 students from Cork, Laois, Limerick, Kerry, Tipperary and Waterford to benefit from bursaries 02 December 2011
Minister Coveney Launches New Aquaculture Licence Templates 05 December 2011
McEntee welcomes the 2012 Provision for Forestry, Horticulture and Greyhound Sectors 05 December 2011
Minister of State McEntee Launches 'Forestry & Timber Yearbook 2012' 06 December 2011
Coveney Outlines Main Features of 2012 Estimates for His Department 05 December 2011
Budget Puts New Focus on Agri-Food Growth - Coveney 06 December 2011
Statement by Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine on the 2012 Budget Wednesday 7th December 2011 07 December 2011
Minister Coveney Announces 2012 Bioenergy Scheme for Willow and Miscanthus 08 December 2011
Minister Coveney announces Research Grant Awards of €10 Million for Agri Food Research 12 December 2011
Minister Coveney Acknowledges the Importance of the World Class Irish Thoroughbred Industry and Announces Initiative to Bring Renewed Impetus to its Future Development 12 December 2011
Minister Coveney Welcomes UN Agreement on Agriculture and Climate Change 14 December 2011
Coveney announces results of Eleventh Milk Quota Trading Scheme 14 December 2011
Worrying of Livestock by Dogs 15 December 2011
McEntee Address first meeting of New Coford Council 16 December 2011
"Record Outcome for Ireland at EU Fisheries Negotiations" - Coveney 17 December 2011
Minister of State McEntee welcomes launch of DVD on Hurley Making 16 December 2011
2011 Another Good Year for Farm Incomes 19 December 2011
Utilise the benefits of discussion groups, says Coveney 20 December 2011
Reopening of Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Schemes (TAMS) 20 December 2011
Coveney announces BVD Eradication Scheme Details 21 December 2011
Minister Coveney Awards Funding to Animal Welfare Organisations 21 December 2011
Minister McEntee TD announces grants of €25,000 for Meath Animal Welfare Organisations 21 December 2011
Coveney launches guidance document that supports Environmental Impact Assessment (Agriculture) Regulations 22 December 2011
Tenders invited for an Independent Review of the Horse Racing Industry 23 December 2011