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Minister Smith announces payments in excess of Half a Billion Euros next week under the 2010 Single Payment and Disadvantaged Areas Scheme

The Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Brendan Smith TD, today announced the commencement of advance payments under the 2010 Single Payments Scheme and the payment of the balancing payment under the Disadvantaged Areas Scheme. "I am particularly pleased that these payments, worth in excess of €500 million, will begin to issue on 18 October in the case of the 50% advance payment of the Single Payment Scheme and on 20 October in the case of the 25% balancing payment under the Disadvantaged Areas Scheme" the Minister said. "It will be recalled that, earlier this year, mindful of farmers' cash flow and particularly the very adverse weather endured, I approached the EU farm Commissioner, seeking approval to make these payments earlier than provided for under the regulations. As a result of the case put forward, agreement was forthcoming, as a result of which, these payments are being made six weeks earlier than would otherwise be the case" he added.

The Minister said that he was particularly pleased that payments were issuing in line with the schedule he had decided on in September with the sole aim of making the maximum permissible payments to farmers under each of the relevant Direct Payment Schemes. The schedule of payments announced was as follows:

-     22 September      -       75 per cent under the Disadvantaged Areas Scheme

-     18 October          -       50 per cent Advance SPS Payment

-      20 October       -        25 per cent balancing DAS payment

-      1 December       -        50 per cent balancing SPS payment.

-      8 December       -        Grassland Sheep Payment.

The Minister confirmed that advance payments under the Single Payment Scheme would continue issuing up until 30 November, with balancing payments beginning to issue as and from 1 December. The balancing or full payment under the Disadvantaged Areas Scheme would also issue on an ongoing basis as cases became fully clear. "While payments are continuing to issue as cases become clear, I would again urge anybody who has received correspondence from my Department highlighting problems in relation to their application, to respond without delay as, by doing so, those cases can then be processed to finality and payments issued" the Minister said.

The Minister noted that these payments follow the payments under the Disadvantaged Areas Scheme, which began three weeks ago. "To date, over €131 million has been paid out under DAS, to in excess of 84,300 farmers" the Minister noted.

"I can assure farmers that payments will continue to issue under both Schemes, after the initial payments occur, as individual cases are cleared" the Minister emphasised, adding "my aim continues to be to maximise payments to farmers at the earliest possible date, subject to the necessary requirements of the Schemes being met".

Date Released: 13 October 2010