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Minister announces Balancing Payments under the 2010 Single Farm Payment

The Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Brendan Smith TD, today confirmed that the balancing payments under the Single Payment Scheme will begin issuing to the farmers concerned as and from 1 December. "I am delighted that these payments are issuing as scheduled, particularly given the very ambitious payments targets I set for my Department in early October and especially given the huge task that has been ongoing throughout the year, designed to get our mapping system fully accurate and up to date" the Minister said.

The Minister referred again to his recent announcement that, following consultation with the EU Commission, agreement was reached whereby, in addition to issuing balancing payments to those farmers whose applications are fully processed and whose maps are fully digitised, payments will also issue to those farmers where some or all of their maps are still to be digitised, with the payment being calculated on the basis of the digitised land confirmed otherwise eligible. "I am pleased to say that, because of this change, many farmers, whose balancing payments would otherwise have been delayed until their digitising is complete, will now receive payment" he said.

The Minister confirmed that the payment arrangements for the Single Payment balances will be as follows:

  • From 1 December all applicants will be paid their full balancing payments, where the case is fully processed and clear;
  • Applicants, whose applications are fully clear, where the only outstanding issue is a non-digitised map(s), will be paid 80% of their balancing payment on the clear, digitised area (excluding their non-digitised land);
  • These farmers will receive the final instalment of their balancing payment when their maps are re-digitised and their applications are fully clear.

The Minister confirmed that, with the issuing of these balancing payments, the total value of payments made, since late September, is of the order of €1.2 billion. "While currently this represents in excess of 1 billion under the Single Payment and almost €190 million under Disadvantaged Areas Scheme, payments will, of course,  continue to be made on an ongoing basis, I am confident that, by year-end, the expenditure will be well in excess of the €1.2 billion" the Minister said, adding "by any measure, achieving such payment levels, while simultaneously undertaking the extremely onerous task of tackling the mapping database, is a tremendous achievement, of which all involved, Department officials, mapping specialists and individual farmers themselves, can rightly be proud".

In conclusion, the Minister confirmed that the momentum in digitising outstanding cases will be maintained, with the very firm intention of all remaining payments issuing at the earliest possible stage. "I fully intend that every effort will continue to be made to have all remaining payments issue as soon as possible" he said.

Date Released: 24 November 2010