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Single Farm Payment Scheme Minister Confirms Balancing Payments Have Commenced

The Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Brendan Smith, TD, this morning confirmed that the balancing payments under the 2010 Single Farm Payment scheme have started issuing to farmers. The Minister confirmed that the total value of payments made under both the Single Farm Payment and the Disadvantaged Areas Scheme now stands at €1,243 million, since payments began on 22 September last.

"By any measure, the payments performance over the past two months has been extraordinary, particularly given the year concerned, when every effort was made by all concerned to ensure that the mapping system is brought fully up to date. I am delighted to confirm that these balancing payments have started issuing today" the Minister said, adding "these payments are worth in excess of €0.5 billion and will begin arriving in farmers bank accounts from tomorrow. This brings the total value of payments made to date under the 2010 SFP to over €1.050 billion, in addition to which, payments under the Disadvantaged Areas Scheme are also continuing to issue, on a twice-weekly basis, with the total value to date being in excess of €192 million".

The Minister confirmed that the full extent of the resources of his Department continues to be focused on the remaining cases under both Schemes. "I can confirm that every effort continues to be made to clear remaining cases for payment at the earliest possible date and, to this end, I can confirm that payment runs continue to be made on alternate days, between the two schemes concerned. In this way, I can ensure the speediest turnaround of cases for payment, immediately outstanding issues are resolved, be that the necessary re-digitising of individual land parcels or following the resolution of particular queries" the Minister said.

Concluding, the Minister again re-iterated his determination to further maximise payments to the farmers concerned, at the earliest possible date. "It remains my firm intention that everything possible will continue to be done to get the maximum level of payments to the farmers concerned as soon as possible" he said.

Date Released: 01 December 2010