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Killeen launches 'Woodspace' Exhibition at 'Plan Expo-Eco Build' Show

Mr Tony Killeen TD, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food with responsibility for forestry, today launched the Wood Marketing Federation 'Woodspace' exhibition at the 'Plan Expo-Eco Build' Show in the RDS.

Launching the 'Woodspace' exhibition, Minister of State Killeen commented that it is particularly appropriate that the Wood Marketing Federation promote their wood and wood products at the 'Plan Expo - Eco Build' Show as Plan Expo is a major annual event in the Irish construction calendar, is an established trade show and provides an ideal opportunity to show the versatility of wood.

He congratulated the Wood Marketing Federation on  'Woodspace', a custom-built exhibition space to promote wood construction and design, using timber from sustainably managed forests.  It was commissioned by the Wood Marketing Federation and designed by the award-winning architect Ciaran O'Connor.  Minister Killeen added that "Woodspace is a tribute to Irish craftsmanship and illustrates the vibrancy of the Irish Forestry and forest products sector."

He stressed the significant role the forest industry, comprising growing, harvesting and processing of forest products, plays in the economy with output in 2008 of c. €1.89 billion, or just under 1% of GDP, and also through the employment it sustains in rural Ireland.

Commending the work of the Wood Marketing Federation, and its member organisations, on their promotional work, the Minister of State added that "The work of the Wood Marketing Federation is vital in ensuring that markets exist for the timber produced in our forests. Successful markets are essential to encourage continuity of new planting so that we can enjoy both the highly visible output from the forests, including wood products for construction, wood energy and recreational facilities as well as the less obvious benefits such as forestry's contribution to climate change mitigation and the provision of recreational facilities."

Date Released: 03 November 2009