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16 February 2008: Minister Smith announces the issue of Annual Payment Statements to farmers for 2008

The Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Brendan Smith T.D., announced today that over 141,000 Annual Payment Statements for the year 2008 will issue to farmers around the country over the next few days. The Minister said that the Statement gives details to each farmer of all payments made to him/her by the Department during the period 1st January 2008 to 31st December 2008.

The total value of the payments recorded on the Statements is €2.630 billion and represents a massive contribution to farm incomes and to investment in the sector. The main elements of expenditure were the Single Payments Scheme- €1,293 million, REPS - €309 million, Income Support in the Disadvantaged Areas - €254 million, On-Farm Investment Grant Aid, including the Farm Waste Management Scheme - €412 million and RDP Afforestation €103 million.

The Minister added that the Payment Statement has proven in previous years to be a very useful document and he asked that farmers retain it carefully for future reference.16 February, 2009

Note for Editors

The annual payments statement has issued to each farmer each year following representations for such a statement by the farming organisations a number of years ago. Feedback from farmers who look for a copy of the statement indicate that the statement is widely used in making income tax returns, applications for loans etc.The table below provides some additional information on a provincial basis on the number of farmers paid and the overall value of payments issued in 2008.

Province Overall Payments per Province Total No. of Recipients No of Payments with value > = €10,000 Average payment/Recipient/Province
Ulster 322,779,933 18,593 6,989 17,360
Connaught 561,306,063 40,949 12,191 13,707
Leinster 827,266,726 34,454 20,160 24,011
Munster 918,878,014 46,732 24,990 19,663
  Overall Payments Nationally Total No. of Recipients Nationally No of Payments with value > = €10,000 Average payment/Recipient/Nationally
  2,630,230,736 140,728 64,330 18,690

Date Released: 16 February 2009