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07 January 2009: Minister Sargent welcomes approval of IMO as new organic certification body 07 January 2009
Minister Smith Welcomes introduction of Increase in Age for BSE Testing to 48 Months 13 January 2009
Minister Smith in Largest Ever Trade Mission to Japan 14 January 2009
Smith welcomes strengthening of Dairy Market support measures 15 January 2009
Minister Smith welcomes €1.5 billion EU proposal 19 January 2009
Milk Super Levy Situation 20 January 2009
Minister Smith welcomes increased use of Information Technology (IT) in Farming and Rural Communities 20 January 2009
Minister Smith announces first payments under REPS 4 21 January 2009
Ireland signs Memorandum of Understanding with Russia on Trade in Fishery Products 22 January 2009
Minister Of State Tony Killeen Officially Opens Phase 1 Of The Castletownbere Development And Announces Funding Of €6.5 Million For Dinish Wharf Extension In 2009 23 January 2009
Export Refunds Reintroduced For Dairy Products 23 January 2009
28 January 2009: Minister Smith launches Animal Health Ireland and attends inaugural meeting of stakeholders group 28 January 2009



02 February 2009: Minister Smith welcomes resumption of Irish port trade to South Africa 02 February 2009
09 February 2009: Minister Smith points to role of Agri-Food Sector in "sustaining and envigorating our economy" 09 February 2009
11 February 2009: Minister of State Sargent makes deposit of Irish seeds to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault 11 February 2009
11 February 2009: Minister Smith confirms payment arrangements for Farm Waste Management grants worth over €500 million 11 February 2009
16 February 2008: Minister Smith announces the issue of Annual Payment Statements to farmers for 2008 16 February 2009
16 February 2009: New investment, additional quota and innovation are at the heart of the Irish dairy industry - Smith 16 February 2009
19 February, 2009: Minister Sargent Opens Ireland's Organic Food Stand At Biofach 2009 19 February 2009
19 February 2009: Milk Super Levy Situation 19 February 2009
25 February 2009: Minister Smith Welcomes Opening of the Chinese Market for Irish Bovine Semen 25 February 2009
27 February 2009: Smith calls for greater EU support for the Dairy sector 27 February 2009
27 February 2009: Smith confirms Farm Waste payments to resume next week and ex-gratia payments on deferred payments 27 February 2009



02 March 2009: Killeen marks National Tree Week as he officially opens Coillte Forest Park in Limerick 02 March 2009
10 March 2009: Minister reminds farmers of closing date of 3rd April for Nitrates Derogation applications 12 March 2009
10 March 2009: Quota demand exceeds supply - Traded volumes fall. Minister Smith announces results of Sixth Milk Quota Trading Scheme 10 March 2009
11 March 2009: Smith announces €24 million refund to 122,000 farmers 13 March 2009
11 March 2009: Minister of State Killeen warns of the dangers of forest fires 13 March 2009
11 March 2009: Smith meets Commissioner - increases pressure for Dairy Sector supports 13 March 2009
13 March 2009: Smith to promote Irish Food in German Market 13 March 2009
Minister Killeen Announces Commitment to €3.8M in Grant Aid Support for 2009 to Support New Aquaculture Development Projects and €1.4M in 2009 for Data Collection to Support Aquaculture Licensing in Marine Natura 2000 Sites 19 March 2009
Milk Super Levy Situation 20 March 2009
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Visits Nolan's Butchers, Kilcullen 23 March 2009
Minister Sargent announces details of funding under the Genetic Resources Grant Aid Scheme 24 March 2009
Minister Smith announces €7million for Hill Sheep Farmers 23 March 2009
Smith urges Council to continue to support the Dairy Sector 25 March 2009
Appointments to Bord Bia 27 March 2009
Minister Smith announces opening of on-line application facility for the 2009 Single Payment Scheme 31 March 2009



Minister Launches Irish Shows Association 2009 Year Book 04 April 2009
Minister confirms Department allocation for 2009 07 April 2009
Spring 2009: Parasitic Disease Forecast 08 April 2009
Minister Killeen Defends Budget Announcement to Reduce Forestry Premia and Governments Commitment to Forestry Policy 09 April 2009
Minister Smith extends closing date for 2009: Nitrates Derogation Applications 09 April 2009
Minister Smith announces details of the 2009 Single Payment Scheme National Reserve 14 April 2009
New Scheme for Collection of Fallen Animals for BSE Testing 09 April 2009
Smith announces major initiative to encourage new entrants to Dairy Farming 14 April 2009
Minister Sargent Announces Grant Aid of €3.8M for Horticulture Growers 17 April 2009
Minister of State Killeen asks Forestry Liaison Group to bring forward recommendations regarding priorities in the Forestry Sector following last weeks budget decisions 17 April 2009
Smith to raise Dairy Market Situation at Agriculture Council 21 April 2009
Smith gives initial views on Commission Fisheries Policy Green Paper 23 April 2009
Minister Smith Announces Support For Beef, Dairy Sheep Breeding 24 April 2009
Minister Smith confirms that Department of Agriculture Inspectors will undertake Nitrates' Regulations Inspections 24 April 2009
Minister Smith raises the Milk Situation at EU Agriculture Council in Luxemburg 24 April 2009
Inter-Departmental Marine Co-ordinating Group 29 April 2009



Minister Tony Killeen announces investment of €6.9 Million in the provision of pontoons at Ros An Mhíl Fishery Harbour Centre 01 May 2009
Closing Date for 2009 Single Payment Scheme Applications 05 May 2009
Minister Sargent welcomes the European Commission Competition to create a new EU Organic Logo 07 May 2009
Minister Sargent Alerts Farmers to 15 May 2009 deadline for Applications for Organic Farming Scheme 08 May 2009
Minister Brendan Smith presented with ISO Certification for Input Payments Section, Accounts Division, Cavan and Asset Management Unit, Portlaoise 11 May 2009
Smith supports Irish Food Suppliers and Producers 20 May 2009
Commitment to development of Agri-Food Sector as part of Knowledge Economy 21 May 2009
Minister Killeen launches 'Irish Forest and Forest Products Association' 21 May 2009
Smith officially opens new cheese packing facility for the Irish Dairy Board 22 May 2009
Killeen appoints Dr Noel Cawley to oversee Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) Review Consultation 22 May 2009
Smith Welcomes €900M Advance Payment for Irish Farmers 25 May 2009
Minister Brendan Smith Sets Ireland's Approach for CFP Review at EU Fisheries Council 25 May 2009
Minister Smith Responds To Publication Of Oireachtas Committee's Report 26 May 2009
Smith speaks on Food Retail Margins at EU Ministers Meeting 27 May 2009
Minister of State Sargent Launches Good Practice Standard for Farmers' Markets 29 May 2009



Beef Exports - Indonesian Officials Visit Ireland 03 June 2009
Minister Smith Confirms Additional Support for Sheep Farmers 03 June 2009
Smith Welcomes Increased Export Refunds for Dairy Products 04 June 2009
Minister Announces Publication of Annual Review and Outlook for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 2008/2009 05 June 2009
Smith Announces Details of Scheme to Encourage New Entrants to Dairying 10 June 2009
Irish Official Elected Chairperson of the Prestigious Food Aid Convention 10 June 2009
New Requirements on Identification and Microchipping of Equines 10 June 2009
Minister Killeen launches RDS-Forest Service Irish Forestry Awards 2009 15 June 2009
Minister Smith to press the Commission further on Dairy Markets 17 June 2009
Smith welcomes increased Export Refunds for Dairy Products 18 June 2009
Smith Remains Firm on Support for the Dairy Industry 22 June 2009
Minister Killeen meets EU Commissioner Joe Borg 23 June 2009
Seminar on DAFF-Funded Research Informs Agri-Related Climate Change Policy 24 June 2009
Minister Announces Funding of Over €1M for ICBF/Sheep Ireland for Cattle & Sheep Breeding 26 June 2009



Smith Welcomes Official Brucellosis Free Status for Ireland 01 July 2009
Minister of State, Tony Killeen T.D., Officially Opens the New Pontoons at Dingle Fishery Harbour Centre 06 July 2009
Launch of Joint Post Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Public Health 06 July 2009
Minister Sargent welcomes great interest in Organic Farming Option - Major attendance at Teagasc Organic Farm Walk at Donegal Creameries An Grianán Farm 07 July 2009
€207 Million for new Investment Measures in Irish Agriculture as part of a revised Rural Development Programme 08 July 2009
Minister Sargent announces suspension of the schemes of Grant Aid for the development of the Organic Sector 09 July 2009
Smith welcomes extension of Dairy Market Supports 10 July 2009
Smith confirms record number of REPS Participants to remain in Scheme 10 July 2009
Smith welcomes agreement to extend Intervention Schemes 13 July 2009
Minister emphasises the importance of food security in the climate change debate 13 July 2009
Minister Sargent announces appointment of Chair of new organic body Forás Orgánach 15 July 2009
Minister Welcomes Recognition by European Commission of Issues of Concern to Ireland in the Implementation of EID for Sheep 16 July 2009
Smith Officially Opens New Carbery Cheese Plant 16 July 2009
Smith announces reorganisation of Local Office Network 17 July 2009
New Agri-Environment Scheme from 2010 18 July 2009
DAFF Releases Results of 2008 National Residue Plan 20 July 2009
Minister Smith Announces Release of REPs 25% Payments 22 July 2009
Minister Smith Welcomes Change to Cheese Export Rules 23 July 2009
Minister Smith launches Public Consultation Process on the future of the CAP 27 July 2009
Minister Smith reiterates support for Irish Dairy Sector - Approval for Cheese Export Refunds 29 July 2009
Minister Sargent announces review of Organic Farming Scheme 29 July 2009
Minister Smith says Supermarkets' Responsibilities go beyond Consumers and Shareholders 30 July 2009



Minister Smith Invites Submissions on New Agri-Environment Scheme 10 August 2009
Department of Agriculture Invites Submissions on Organic Farming Scheme 17 August 2009
Smith calls again for further action on Dairy Prices 18 August 2009
Smith attends Virginia Show - Minister stresses critical importance for Ireland to be at the very centre of EU decision making 19 August 2009
Smith Rejects Misleading Claims and Calls for Yes to Lisbon 20 August 2009
Smith Extends REPS Slurry Spreading Period 24 August 2009
Minister Smith in Push by EU Ministers to Reduce Red-Tape for Farmers 25 August 2009
Smith Emphasises Central Role of Sustainable Food and Agriculture Policy in Addressing Global Challenges 25 August 2009
Milk Super Levy Situation 26 August 2009
Minister Killeen launches the Coford Publication 'Forest Fungi in Ireland' 28 August 2009
Minister Sargent names members of New Organic Group, Forás Orgánach 28 August 2009
Minister of State Killeen and Dr. Noel Cawley meet Fishermen in a series of meetings on the CFP Review 31 August 2009



Smith to Continue To Pressure Commission For Stronger Action To Deal With Dairy Price Difficulties 04 September 2009
Minister of State Killeen Delivers Opening Address to the 16th Annual European Forest Institute Conference, Dublin Castle 03 September 2009
Minister Smith Welcomes the Re-Opening of the Indonesian Market for Irish Beef 07 September 2009
Smith in EU move to support Dairy Farmers 08 September 2009
Minister Smith Announces Savings in the Region of €5 Million for Irish Farmers 08 September 2009
Equine Piroplasmosis Confirmed 08 September 2009
Smith Calls for Coherent Action on Food Security and Climate Change 15 September 2009
Minister Smith announces extension to period for spreading of Chemical Fertilisers 16 September 2009
Minister Launches Animal Welfare Guidelines for Managing Acutely Injured Livestock On Farm 17 September 2009
Minister Smith launches the 'Healthy Forests, Healthy People' Exhibition 17 September 2009
Minister Sargent Announces Outcome of Review of Organic Farming Scheme 18 September 2009
Smith Announces Seventh Milk Quota Trading Scheme 18 September 2009
Minister Smith Confirms Payments of €1 Billion under the Disadvantaged Areas and Single Payment Schemes 21 September 2009
Killeen Launches Forestry Information Programme for Cork 22 September 2009
Minister Sargent Welcomes Commencement of Organic Farming Courses 22 September 2009
Minister Smith allocates additional funding to Early Retirement Scheme 23 September 2009
Dairy Markets top list of issues discussed in Paris between Minister Smith and French Minister 24 September 2009
Minister Smith affirms the Government's commitment to ensuring that the Irish Dairy Sector reaches its full potential 29 September 2009
Milk Quota Allocated to 70 New Entrants to Dairying 30 September 2009
Influenza A/H1N1 2009 Confirmed in Pigs 30 September 2009



Killeen Welcomes 'Project Forest', an Educational Initiative 05 October 2009
Minister Smith Attends Special EU Meeting on Situation in the Milk Market 05 October 2009
Milk Super Levy Situation 06 October 2009
Minister Smith announces the establishment of a Dairy Consultative Group 07 October 2009
Killeen opens Federation of Irish Fishermen's (FIF) Seminar on the Review of the Common Fisheries Policy 09 October 2009
Minister Smith meets banks to discuss difficulties in Farming Sector 11 October 2009
Statement on IFA Tractor Protest 12 October 2009
Minister Smith Announces Relaxation of 'Green Cover' Requirements 12 October 2009
Minister Smith Confirms Payment Of Over €800 Million To Almost 114,000 Farmers In Single Farm Payment 14 October 2009
Minister of State Sargent Highlights Twin Challenges of Food Security and Climate Change 16 October 2009
Minister Smith Underlines His Commitment to Pig Sector and Emphasises Importance of Export Markets 16 October 2009
Minister Sargent Welcomes Commitment in Programme for Government to Support Organic Farming 16 October 2009
Minister Smith welcomes agreement by the Council of Agriculture and Fisheries Ministers on Milk Package 19 October 2009
Killeen welcomes new package on EU Fisheries Control to deliver a level playing field, tackle illegal fishing and rebuild fish stocks 20 October 2009
Minister of State Sargent awards good practice standard to 26 Farmers' Market 22 October 2009
Killeen Presents 2009 RDS/Forest Service Irish Forestry Awards 22 October 2009
Killeen welcomes start of major EU and International Fisheries Negotiations 26th to 30th October in Clonakilty 23 October 2009
Minister Smith Visits North Tipperary Agri-Food Companies 29 October 2009
Department Issues Advice on Liver Fluke 30 October 2009



Minister Smith Hails "Major Boost for Agricultural Education at Kildalton College" 02 November 2009
Killeen launches 'Woodspace' Exhibition at 'Plan Expo-Eco Build' Show 03 November 2009
Minister urges new direction for Irish Agri-Food Sector "New thinking is needed - more of the same will not be enough" 04 November 2009
Smith Highlights the Potential of the Food Sector to Contribute to Economic Reinvigoration 05 November 2009
Minister Smith publishes legislation to transfer commercial foreshore licensing to Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. 10 November 2009
Minister announces changes to Crop Variety Evaluation 11 November 2009
Minister Smith welcomes the re-opening of the United Arab Emirates Market to Irish Beef 15 November 2009
Minister Sargent calls for comprehensive global response to end world hunger - UN World Summit Rome 16-18 November 2009 17 November 2009
Payments Under New Upland Sheep Scheme to Commence 18 November 2009
North South Ministerial Council Agriculture Sectoral Format Joint Communiqué 18 November 2009
Killeen takes firm stance at EU Fisheries Council to protect the important mackerel quota for Irish fishermen 22 November 2009
Smith brings forward €85 Million in Agricultural Payments 24 November 2009
Minister Smith Announces Implementation of €2 Million for Targeted Fodder Aid Scheme 27 November 2009
Minister Smith Welcomes Proposed Appointment of New EU Commissioners 27 November 2009
Minister Smith visits flood affected areas in Galway 28 November 2009
€370 Million in Single Farm Payments to Commence Tomorrow 30 November 2009



Minister Smith Turns on RDS Christmas Tree Lights 01 December 2009
Minister Smith Presents RDS Pedigree Cattle Awards at the RDS 01 December 2009
Minister Smith Reminds Farmers to Return REPS 1C Forms 02 December 2009
Smith formally launches initiative of Irish Pesticide Industry 07 December 2009
Minister Smith Announces Distribution of Free Cheese to Help Less Well Off In Society 07 December 2009
Killeen Holds Urgent Meeting with EU Fisheries Commissioner to Demand a Fair Deal for Irish Fishermen in Difficult EU/Norway Negotiations being held this week 07 December 2009
Minister Smith announces support for major Dairy Research Sector - Milk quota allocations to help future-proof Irish Dairy Sector 07 December 2009
New Uplands Sheep Payments Issue 09 December 2009
"Budget Protects Farmers and Agri-Food Sector" - Minister Smith 09 December 2009
Suckler Welfare Scheme 11 December 2009
Minister welcomes commitment of EU Farm Ministers to the Common Agricultural Policy 11 December 2009
Smith announces extension of closing date for Damaged Fodder Scheme 14 December 2009
Department Notes Publication of Special Report by the Ombudsman 14 December 2009
Killeen secures fair deal on quotas for Irish fishermen in difficult EU Fisheries negotiations 16 December 2009
Unspent SPS funds to generate efficiencies in dairy sector 16 December 2009
Smith Welcomes Ireland's participation in the global research alliance on agricultural greenhouse gases 16 December 2009
Minister Smith urges caution on milk markets and calls for CAP simplification 16 December 2009
Minister Smith awards €1.185M in funding to 112 Animal Welfare Organisations 17 December 2009
Minister Smith Announces Grants of €20,000 for Cavan Animal Welfare Bodies 17 December 2009
Minister Sargent Announces €10,000 Grant to Irish Seal Sanctuary 17 December 2009
Minister Tony Killeen TD Announces Grants of €24,000 for Clare Animal Welfare Bodies 17 December 2009
Smith Gives Up-Date on REPS and Farm Waste Management Payments 22 December 2009
Smith Announces Results of Seventh Milk Quota Trading Scheme 22 December 2009
Discussions Intensify on New CAP says Smith 30 December 2009
Minister Smith Welcomes EU Approval for New NDC 'Milk In Action' Campaign 30 December 2009
Good Practice Standard Awarded to a Further 8 Farmers' Markets 30 December 2009