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"Waste not want not" Sargent at the Fingal Composting Seminar

The stark message from Food Minister, Trevor Sargent TD, speaking at a workshop on composting held by Fingal County Council, was that we should waste less food and that food waste should be composted to protect the environment.

Minister Sargent said it is an extremely worrying development that despite rising food prices and the threat of global starvation that millions of tonnes of food are thrown away every year in the EU. UK research indicates that 30% of food purchased is discarded and there is no reason to think that the situation is any different here.

"While I wouldn't dream of suggesting that consumers eat foods that have gone beyond their use-by dates, research would indicate that good food is also being wasted.

"We should be conscious of food waste and of how we dispose of our food waste. Composting is a an environmentally sound way of doing this and the initiative by Fingal County Council to reduce the price of its composting bins is greatly admired".

29 May, 2008

Date Released: 30 May 2008