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Results of the Monitoring of the Milk Testing Regime

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has today announced the results for the first three months of the new regime of monitoring the testing of milk for payment purposes. The new regime was announced by the Department last March and came into operation at the start of the "milk year" on 1st April.

During the period a full audit was carried out on three of the twenty-three testing centres coming within the ambit of the regime. All were found to be satisfactory. The remaining laboratories will be audited on a progressive basis during the remainder of the milk year.

Nineteen checks were carried out at thirteen different test centres on the calibration of the automated equipment used in the testing of milk for butterfat, protein and lactose content and for SCC levels. These were satisfactory. The butterfat content of a total of 164 milk samples at fifteen different testing centres was cross-checked by the Gerber method. All the results were satisfactory.

Furthermore, a total of nearly 200 payment records maintained by seventeen different milk purchasers were checked to ensure that the data found on testing the suppliers milk was correctly transcribed and taken into account when calculating the price actually paid to the suppliers for their milk. All the results were satisfactory.

A more detailed statement of these results is being posted on the Department's website.

Date Released: 30 July 2008