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Minister Sargent Highlights The Benefits Of Locally Produced And In Season Foods 31 January 2008
Minister Coughlan Welcomes IFA Call For A Yes Vote 31 January 2008
Minister Coughlan meets with EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Fischer Boel to discuss key issues. 30 January 2008
Scientific Study on Teens' Diet Announced 24 January 2008
Minister Coughlan Announces Allocation of €6m to Sheep Farmers from the 2007 Single Payment Scheme National Reserve 22 January 2008
The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Responds to Case of Avian 'Flu in Dorset 10 January 2008
Coughlan Accounces Second Stage of 2008/2009 Milk Quota Trading Scheme 09 January 2008
Coughlan Details Awards of €21 Million in R & D Grants 09 January 2008



Minister of State Wallace launches Irish Timber Growers Association Yearbook 01 February 2008
Coughlan Announces Membership Of Beef Forum 06 February 2008
Sargent Sets Up Artisan Industry Committee 06 February 2008
Coughlan To Meet French Counterpart As WTO Talks Gather Momentum 11 February 2008
Wallace Highlights National Tree Week 2nd - 8th March 2008 11 February 2008
Minister Of State Wallace Opens National Bioenergy Conference 12 February 2008
Minister Coughlan announces support to the 2008 Gene Ireland Progeny Testing Programme 12 February 2008
New FEPS a major boost for the Planting Programme, says Wallace 13 February 2008
Ministers Coughlan And Barnier Meet In Paris To Discuss WTO And Cap Health Check 13 February 2008
Minister Wallace visits Dunbia Meat Factory, Slane, Co. Meath 11 February 2008
Minister responds to confirmation of Bluetongue case in Northern Ireland 15 February 2008
Warning from Minister Wallace on the dangers of forest fires 15 February 2008
Lifestyle Choices Highlight Growth Potential For Irish Seafood Retailers 16 February 2008
Minister Coughlan and Commissioner Fischler Boel resolve difficulties over REPS 2 and REPS 3 payments 18 February 2008
Minister John Browne announces funding of over €23 million for Fishery Harbour and Coastal Infrastructure Development in 2008 18 February 2008
Minister Sargent announces grant aid of €9m for horticultural growers 20 February 2008
Minister launches new guidelines for best practice for the welfare of animals during transport 20 February 2008
Ministers Coughlan and Browne launch major scheme to restructure Irish fishing fleet 20 February 2008
Minister Coughlan announces the issue of Annual Payment Statements to farmers for 2007 21 February 2008
Minister Coughlan Introduces New Bluetongue Control Measures 22 February 2008
Minister Coughlan Announces Details of the 2008 Single Payment Scheme 25 February 2008
Minister Wallace announces appointment of new National Council for Forest Research and Development (COFORD) 25 February 2008
Minister Coughlan leads Enterprise Ireland Food Trade and Innovation visit to Japan 27 February 2008
Minister Sargent promotes savoy cabbage currently in season and all grown in Ireland 28 February 2008
Minister Coughlan repeats her call for caution on the importation of cattle and sheep in the context of Bluetongue disease 28 February 2008
Minister Browne Welcomes Campaign To Encourage Wexford Farmers To Go Online 25 February 2008



Wallace Launches National Tree Week 2008 02 March 2008
Minister Wallace Launches Spring Public Awareness Campaign For The Control Of Ragwort 04 March 2008
Minister Coughlan Launches €1.1 Million Initiative on Post Graduate Education in the Agri-Food Sector 04 March 2008
Minister Coughlan announces funding of €100,000 towards the cost of staging the 2008 World Holstein Friesian Federation Conference 05 March 2008
Minister of State Wallace launches "Project Forest" 05 March 2008
Coughlan: "Dairy Quota Expansion must be more ambitious" 05 March 2008
Coughlan addresses first meeting of Beef Forum 05 March 2008
Minister of State Mary Wallace receives report aimed at increasing Forestry Planting 06 March 2008
Minister Sargent welcomes outcome of prosecution for mislabelling of organic product 06 March 2008
Wallace officially opened a new Government office in Navan. 07 March 2008
Minister Wallace addresses ACA Conference in Athlone 07 March 2008
Minister Coughlan Announces Refund Of €23.5 Million Modulation Monies To Farmers 10 March 2008
Minister Of State Wallace Opens National Forestry Conference 10 March 2008
Coughlan announces enhanced Milk Testing Programme 12 March 2008
Coughlan Announces Results Of Fourth Milk Quota Trading Scheme - Fourth Exchange achieves strongest Quota Trade yet 12 March 2008
Coughlan Maintains Strong WTO Stance At Council Of Ministers 17 March 2008
Coughlan Announces 2% Increase In Ireland's Milk Quota From Next Month 19 March 2008
Minister Wallace Announces Opening Of Forestry Schemes 18 March 2008
Coughlan pushes for strong export refunds regime for pigmeat 20 March 2008
Forestry And Freshwater Pearl Mussel Requirements Site Assessment And Mitigation Measures 20 March 2008
Minister Coughlan Responds To New EU Proposals On Bluetongue 20 March 2008
Minister Sargent welcomes publication of Teagasc Organic Production Business Plan 20 March 2008
Minister Coughlan secures special transitional arrangements for REPS 4 in 2008; no change for REPS 2 and REPS 3 26 March 2008
Coughlan Announces Allocation Of 2% Quota Increase 27 March 2008
Minister Of State Wallace Addresses New Coford Council 27 March 2008
Minister Coughlan reminds farmers about the deadline of 15 May 2008 for applications to transfer payment entitlements for the 2008 Single Payment Scheme Year 28 March 2008
Sargent opens Sonairte Farmers' Market in Laytown 31 March 2008



Minister Sargent alerts farmers to 15 May Deadline for Applications for Organic Farming Scheme 01 April 2008
Minister Wallace announces Forestry Premium Payments of over €52 million for 2008 01 April 2008
Minister Coughlan announces €22m payments to farmers under Sugar Beet Diversification Fund 01 April 2008
Minister Wallace Launches Farm Energy - Farm Diversification Manual 07 April 2008
Minister Sargent Says "Parsnips Now In Season With Optimum Flavour Following Frost Which Makes Them Sweeter" 08 April 2008
Minister Coughlan launches major International Livestock Event Beef Expo, Ireland 2008 08 April 2008
Minister Coughlan responds to new EU measures on Bluetongue 08 April 2008
Minister Coughlan announces details of the 2008 Single Payment Scheme National Reserve 09 April 2008
Minister Browne pushes for strong measures against import of fish caught by illegal, unregulated, unreported fishing vessels 14 April 2008
Coughlan calls for realism in WTO negotiations 14 April 2008
Browne makes strong case in Brussels for retention of EU trade measures to safeguard the farmed salmon market 16 April 2008
Minister of State Wallace presents Augustine Henry Awards to Forestry Graduates 18 April 2008
Minister of State Wallace announces increased rates for Forestry 'Neighbourwood' and 'Native Woodland' Schemes 18 April 2008
Single Payment Scheme: Closing date for receipt of applications 22 April 2008
Coughlan travels to Berlin for Meeting on WTO with German Agriculture Minister 23 April 2008
Minister Coughlan increases the Single Payment threshold €6,000 to €10,000 for the Special Sheep category in the 2007 National Reserve 23 April 2008
Coughlan travelling to Brussels for meeting with Commissioner Mandelson 24 April 2008
Closure of 2007 Sow Housing (Animal Welfare) Scheme 25 April 2008
Minister Coughlan launches Marketing Strategy for Killybegs 28 April 2008
Minister Of State Wallace Launches National Dairy Council's Strategic Plan 30 April 2008
Coughlan Meets Mandelson On WTO 30 April 2008
Minister Sargent Launches Action Plan To Increase Organic Production In Ireland 30 April 2008
Announcement Of The Coastal Protection Programme 2008 30 April 2008
Ministers Coughlan And O'Cuiv Attend North/South Ministerial Council In Enniskillen 30 April 2008



Minister Smith visits Balmoral Show 15 May 2008
Minister Smith Outlines Firm Stance On WTO At Council Of Ministers Meeting 19 May 2008
Minister Smith Responds To Publication Of Cap Health Check 20 May 2008
Minister Smith Welcomes Events To Highlight Biodiversity Week 18-25 May 2008 21 May 2008
Minister Sargent Highlights Importance Of Labelling After Unlabelled Irish And Imported Non-EU Scallions Confuse Irish Shoppers 21 May 2008
Minister Killeen congratulates contribution of Centra Foodstores to high standards 22 May 2008
Minister Smith reminds farmers that the closing date for receipt of amendment forms under the 2008 Single Payment Scheme is 3rd June 2008 23 May 2008
Smith discusses WTO and CAP Health Check with EU colleagues 28 May 2008
Minister publishes consultation paper on draft Animal Health and Welfare Bill 28 May 2008
"Waste not want not" Sargent at the Fingal Composting Seminar 30 May 2008
Ministers Smith and Killeen meet Federation of Irish Fisherman 30 May 2008
Ministers launch All-Ireland Mussel Report 01 May 2008
Minister Coughlan urges farmers to lodge Single Farm Payment applications before 15 May 2008 02 May 2008
Minister Coughlan Announces Membership of Her Department's Consumer Liaison Panel 06 May 2008
Minister Bans Importation Of Certain Cattle And Sheep From Bluetongue Zones 06 May 2008
Minister Sargent Announces €10 Million To The World Food Programme 06 May 2008
Spring 2008 - Parasitic Disease Forecast 06 May 2008
Ministers Coughlan and Browne launch improved Sea Lice Control Strategy for Salmon Farms 06 May 2008
Minister Coughlan Announces Appointments To Bord Bia 07 May 2008
Minister Smith meets French Minister Barnier on Europe Day 09 May 2008
Smith Reminds Farmers of Closing Date for Single Payment Scheme - Penalties for not meeting 15th May Deadline 12 May 2008
Minister Smith welcomes the preliminary findings from a report on the net contribution of the Agri-Food Sector to the economy 15 May 2008



Minister Smith Welcomes IFA Support For Lisbon Referendum 03 June 2008
Minister of State Killeen opens Forestry Conference on Site Classification 04 June 2008
Minister Smith introduces precautionary measures following outbreak of avian 'flu in England 05 June 2008
Minister Smith calls for radical action on hunger 05 June 2008
Minister Smith meets Polish Minister on WTO 05 June 2008
Minister Smith presented with ISO Certification for input section and the Cash Office of the Accounts Division, Cavan 09 June 2008
Minister Smith welcomes Inquiry Report findings into outbreak of Equine Flu in Australia 13 June 2008
Ministers Smith and Killeen to press for fast and effective EU Commission response to the Impact of high oil prices on Ireland's Fishing Fleet 13 June 2008
Department welcomes further significant reduction in residue levels in food 18 June 2008
Ministers Smith and Killeen meet EU Fisheries Commissioner 18 June 2008
Killeen opens Bioenergy 08 event 20 June 2008
Minister Killeen announces approvals under the 2008 Whitefish Decommissioning Scheme 24 June 2008
Minister Smith says EU should not be afraid to reject a bad WTO deal 24 June 2008
Minister Killeen welcomes Council of Ministers response to challenges in the fishing industry 24 June 2008
Minister Killeen opens major conference on Innovation and Sustainability in Seafood Sector 26 June 2008
FAO 26th Regional Conference for Europe, Innsbruck, Austria 26-27 June 2008 26 June 2008
Minister Smith launches three major reports on the Agri-Food Sector 30 June 2008



Minister announces final €40 million tranche of payments to former sugar beet growers 01 July 2008
Minister Smith announces agreement on conditions for Irish Beef Exports to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 02 July 2008
Smith says new Regulations match quota regime with modern farming realities 09 July 2008
Launch of RDS-Forest Service Irish Forestry Awards 2008 10 July 2008
Minister Sargent welcomes EU proposal for school fruit scheme 10 July 2008
Minister Smith confirms Department savings of €9.1 million in 2008 10 July 2008
Minister Smith meets EU Health Commissioner in Dublin 11 July 2008
Minister Sargent launched the 'Odyssey of the Potato' Exhibition marking the International Year of the Potato 14 July 2008
Minister Smith rejects IFA claims 15 July 2008
Minister Sargent leads farmer fact finding visit to Organic Demonstration Farm 15 July 2008
Minister of State Killeen presents EU Commission with proposal for innovative new measures to address discarding of fish by Irish fishermen 15 July 2008
Minister Smith criticises WTO proposals 15 July 2008
Minister Killeen resists strong opposition to new EU funding for a package of measures to help Irish fishermen 15 July 2008
Minister Smith announces improved system for cattle movement at Marts 16 July 2008
Sargent urges public to eat more leafy vegetables which are now in season 23 July 2008
Minister says protection of Direct Payments to farmers is an 'Absolute Priority' 23 July 2008
Irish Ministers, led by Tánaiste, staunchly advocate Irish interests at difficult World Trade negotiations 24 July 2008
Minister Sargent Welcomes European Commission Promotional Campaign for Organic Food and Farming 29 July 2008
Irish Ministers respond to the collapse of WTO talks 30 July 2008
Results of the Monitoring of the Milk Testing Regime 30 July 2008
Minister Smith Presents Lakelands Milk Quality Awards 2007 30 July 2008
Killeen Comments on Funding of Forestry Schemes 31 July 2008



Minister Killeen designates additional ports for Hake and Monkfish 01 August 2008
Minister Killeen Condemns Dunmore East Attack 01 August 2008
Smith Welcomes the Reopening of the Philippines Market for Irish Beef 05 August 2008
Minister Sargent Launches New Scheme for the Allocation of Additional Milk Quota to Organic Milk Producers 12 August 2008
Minister Smith Reminds Farmers of their Weaning Obligations Under Suckler Welfare Scheme 13 August 2008
Smith Advocates Greater Participation in Milk Production Participation 15 August 2008
Smith Announces Fifth Milk Quota Trading Scheme 20 August 2008
Smith Extends Reps Slurry Spreading Period 21 August 2008



Minister Smith confirms publication of certain details of EU payments 02 September 2008
Minister Smith Comments on Cappoquin Chickens 03 September 2008
Smith calls for EU initiatives to stimulate the EU sheep sector 05 September 2008
Minister Sargent welcomes marked increase in interest in organic farming option 05 September 2008
Minister Smith delivers positive message for Agri-Food Sector and says "we must play to our strengths" 12 September 2008
Minister Smith confident about prospects for Irish Agricultural Exports 12 September 2008
Killeen Addresses Drafting Meeting of the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe 17 September 2008
Minister Smith appoints new chairman of Teagasc 17 September 2008
Minister Smith welcomes EU Commissioner's agreement to significant increase in age limit for BSE testing 17 September 2008
Minister Smith launches Code of Practice for the Welfare of Broiler Chickens 17 September 2008
Minister Smith Highlights National Organic Week at Organic Seminar in Cavan 17 September 2008
Ministers Smith & Ó Cuív meet Northern Ireland Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Michelle Gildernew in Ballyconnell 19 September 2008
Minister Smith presses for advance payment of Single Payment 23 September 2008
Minister Smith Announces Payments Under The €250 Million 2008 Disadvantaged Areas Scheme 24 September 2008
Minister Smith Welcomes Approval For Advance Payment Of 2008 Single Payment 24 September 2008
Debate Opened On New Agricultural Policy For Eu - Minister Smith 24 September 2008
Minister Smith Seeks Additional Funding for Farm Waste Management Scheme 29 September 2008
Need for Coherence Between Climate Change and Food Security Agendas 29 September 2008
Killeen Takes Strong Stand at Today's Fisheries Council 30 September 2008
Killeen Launches Forestry Online Service 30 September 2008



Joint Launch of Enterprise Ireland Strategy for Prepared Consumer Foods Sector 06 October 2008
Minister Sargent Launches Organic Feasibility Study for Kerry 06 October 2007
Minister Smith opens 2008 World Holstein Friesian Conference 09 October 2007
Extension to the Period for Spreading of Slurry 10 October 2008
Minister Smith to Seek Officially Brucellosis-Free Status for Ireland 12 October 2008
Minister Focuses 2009 Spending on Productive Capacity of Agri-Food Sector 14 October 2008
Minister Sargent Welcomes Continued Support for the Organic Sector in Budget 14 October 2008
Minister Killeen Comments on Budgetary Situation for Fishing and Forestry 15 October 2008
15 October 2008: Minister Smith Announces Advance Payments of €530 Million under the 2008 Single Payment Scheme 15 October 2008
Minister Emphasises The Government's Commitment To The Development Of The Food Industry 17 October 2008
Minister of State Killeen Welcomes "European Forest Week" 20 October 2008
22 October 2008: Minister Smith Comments on 2009 Spending to Support the Agri-Food Sector 22 October 2008
Department Issues Advice on Liver Fluke 22 October 2008
Detection of Brown Rot in water samples taken at Merchant's premises 24 October 2008
Minister Smith in Crucial EU Negotiations on the Review of the Common Agricultural Policy 28 October 2008
Minister Smith Meets the Commission and Presidency on Ongoing Negotiations in the CAP Health Check 28 October 2008
Minister Smith Pledges Support for EU Scheme for Distribution of Fruit in Schools 28 October 2008
Minister Smith advises against livestock imports following an outbreak of Bluetongue Serotype 6 in The Netherlands 29 October 2008
Minister Smith Confirms Extension of Slurry Spreading Period to 30th November 31 October 2008



Minister Smith Reiterates Call for Country of Origin Labelling for Poultry 04 November 2008
Minister Sargent Welcomes Progress Towards School Fruit Scheme 04 November 2008
Minister Killeen Welcomes the Agreement on a 33% Increase in Mackerel Catch for 2009 04 November 2008
Minister Smith says Climate Change Targets must not damage Irish Agriculture and Rural Economy 06 November 2007
Minister Smith Visits United States to Promote Development of Irish Food Sector 08 October 2007
Minister Smith Calls for Introduction of Dairy Market Supports 10 November 2007
Minister Smith Welcomes European Veterinary Week 2008 11 November 2007
Minister Smith Announces Payments Under the 2008 Suckler Welfare Scheme 12 November 2007
Ireland's Disadvantaged Area Scheme One of the Best-Funded in Europe 13 November 2007
Smith Welcomes The Introduction Of Private Storage Aid For Butter 13 November 2007
Minister Smith Opens New Bord Bia Office In New York 14 November 2007
Minister Smith defends CAP and expects tough Health Check negotiations 17 November 2007
Smith Highlights Continuing Strong Demand for Milk Quota 19 November 2007
Killeen Delivers Positive Outcome for Celtic Sea Fishery 19 November 2007
Sargent to Visit Ethiopia 19 November 2008
Minister Smith Delivers €170 Million to Irish Farmers in CAP Negotiations 20 November 2007
Minister Sargent Calls for Immediate Reform of UN Body 20 November 2008
Creed "Fails to Understand!" - Minister Smith 20 November 2008
Minister Smith Rejects Misleading Claims on CAP Health Check 21 November 2008
Smith: Extra Milk Quota Good for Farmers, Good for Processors and Good for the Economy 24 November 2008
Minister Killeen Announces Third Phase of Bioenergy Scheme (2009) 25 November 2008
Balancing Payments of €609 Million Under Single Payment Scheme to Commence 26 November 2008
Minister Smith Nominates Mike Magan as Interim Chairman of Animal Health Ireland 26 November 2008
Minister Smith Repeats Advice Against Livestock Imports Following Cases of Bluetounge Serotype 1 in England 26 November 2008
Smith Advocates the Need for a Strong and Adequately Funded CAP Post 2013 28 November 2008



Minister Sargent Comments on his Visit to Ethiopia 01 December 2008
Ministers Smith and Killeen Announce Appointment of New Chairperson for Marine Institute 04 December 2008
Ministers Smith and Killeen Announce Appointment of New Chairperson for Aquaculture Licences Appeals Board (ALAB) 04 December 2008
Statement by Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 04 December 2008
Minister Smith's Meeting With EU Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg 05 December 2008
Minister Sargent Announces Grant Aid Scheme For Horticulture Growers 2009 05 December 2008
Minister Sargent Announces Grant Aid Scheme For Horticulture Growers 2009 05 December 2008
Chief Vet to confirm status of Irish beef at EU meeting 09 December 2008
Minister Smith confirms conditions to allow sale of Irish pork and bacon 10 December 2008
Minister Sargent announces conditions for sale of Certified Organic pigmeat products to commence 10 December 2008
Statement by Brendan Smith TD, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Following Agreement Between the Government and the Irish Pig Processing Sector 11 December 2008
Minister Smith Welcomes EU Support For Irish Pig Industry 11 December 2008
Ministers Smith And Gildernew Discuss Irish Pigmeat Situation 12 December 2008
Minister Killeen Publishes Indicative Forestry Statement for Ireland 15 December 2008
Minister Smith Welcomes Dáil Approval for €50 Million Supplementary Estimate to Secure the Future of the Irish Pig Production and Processing Industry 17 December 2008
Smith welcomes further EU support of €20.7 Million 18 December 2008
€202 Million of Fishing Quotas Delivered for Ireland for the Coming Year 19 December 2008
Minister Sargent Pleased With Progress on Developments in the Organic Sector 19 December 2008
Minister Sargent Reminds Public That Irish Farmers Depend On Customers To Buy Irish 19 December 2008
Ministers Smith and Sargent Announce €16.7 Million Grant-Aid for the Horticulture, Livestock Marts and Small Meat Sectors 22 December 2008
Minister Tony Killeen announces grants of €23,000 for Clare Animal Welfare Bodies 22 December 2008
Minister Sargent announces grants to Animal Welfare Organisations 22 December 2008
Smith announces grants of €20,000 for Cavan Animal Welfare Bodies 22 December 2008
Minister Smith Awards €1.25 Million in Funding to 110 Animal Welfare Organisations 22 December 2008
Department confirms arrangements for lodgement of claims under Farm Waste Management Scheme 24 December 2008
Minister Smith publishes scheme document for pigmeat recall compensation 24 December 2008
30 December 2008: Sargent announces €2 million Christmas donation to provide food aid for Ethiopia 30 December 2008