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Coughlan announces Temporary Measure for unsuccessful sellers in Milk Quota Trading Scheme

The Minister for Agriculture and Food, Mary Coughlan, today announced that special provision will be made in this year's Temporary Leasing Scheme for milk producers who had ceased production by 31 March 2007 but who failed to sell their quotas through the Milk Quota Trading Scheme.

The Minister said that she had taken this decision in order to accommodate dairy farmers who had decided to get out of milk production, but for various reasons had been unable to sell their milk quotas through the exchange mechanism. These farmers will not have to resume milk deliveries in order to avail of temporary leasing in the current milk quota year. However, the Minister emphasised that this is an exceptional measure which is being made available on a once-off basis only, and that sellers in these circumstances will be expected to dispose of their quotas in the next phase of the Milk Quota Trading Scheme, which is expected to take place in the Autumn. The new arrangements will be incorporated into the formal announcement of this year's Temporary Leasing Scheme, later this month.

The Minister concluded by saying that she was now proceeding with a comprehensive review of the Milk Quota Trading Scheme in conjunction with the dairy industry and the farming organisations. This had been signalled earlier and the Minister said it would allow the next exchanges benefit from the experiences gained this year.

9 May 2007

Date Released: 09 May 2007