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Department issues advice on parasitic disease

The Department of Agriculture and Food today issued advice to farmers in regard to the risk of parasitic disease.

Indications from the current submissions to the Regional Veterinary Laboratories suggest the possibility of an increased prevalence of intestinal parasitic disease in livestock and horses. This is probably due to the fact that the mild autumn and early winter facilitated an increased survival of the infective larval stages of the parasites on pasture. Cattle and sheep farmers and horse owners who have over wintered their animals on pasture should be aware of the risk of parasitic enteritis occurring in their animals this spring. Additionally, farmers should be aware that when housed animals are let out on pasture this spring there is the possibility of parasitic disease occurring earlier this year than in previous years.

If parasitic disease is suspected, farmers should consult their veterinary surgeon and submit faecal samples to the nearest Regional Veterinary Laboratory or the Central Veterinary Laboratory before commencement of treatment.

8 March, 2007

Date Released: 08 March 2007