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Press Releases June 2007

Title Date
Coughlan revokes Avian 'Flu measure 05 June 2007
Minister Coughlan and new French Minister speak on WTO 06 June 2007
Minister bans the use of Electro Immobilisation on farm animals 06 June 2007
Coughlan outlines views on Cross Compliance in advance of Council of Ministers meeting 06 June 2007
Wallace announces Special Conference on National Forest Inventory 08 June 2007
Coughlan extends National Reserve deadline to 22nd June 11 June 2007
Minister Smith launches 8 million euro Grant Aid Schemes for the Development of the Organic Sector 12 June 2007
Minister Coughlan welcomes EU Reform of the Fruit and Vegetable Sector 12 June 2007
Wallace welcomes RDS-Forest Service Irish Forestry Awards 2007 12 June 2007
Minister Coughlan hopeful visit will facilitate re-opening of Saudi Arabian Beef Market 13 June 2007
Minister Coughlan announces the Launch of a New Young Farmers' Installation Scheme and a New Scheme of Early Retirement from Farming 13 June 2007
Minister Coughlan announces details of Food and Health Research Initiative 13 June 2007
Minister Coughlan publishes Annual Report for 2006 13 June 2007
Minister Wallace welcomes clarification on Consolidation and SPS amendments 13 June 2007
Minister Coughlan announces abolition of the claw-back on sales of Single Payment Entitlements 19 June 2007
Minister Coughlan reminds farmers of 29 June Closing Date for Farm Waste Management Scheme 20 June 2007
Department launches Code of Practice on the Prevention and Reduction of Fusarium Mycotoxins in Cereals 26 June 2007
Minister Sargent urges consumers to think organic and think seasonal 28 June 2007
Minister of State Mary Wallace highlights the importance of protecting the National Forest Estate from Exotic Pest and Disease Threats 29 June 2007
Minister Coughlan meets Saudi Arabian Ministers 29 June 2007