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Press Releases February 2007

Title Date
Department welcomes increases volume of EIA testing 01 February 2007
Department meets to review outbreak of Avian 'Flu in England 03 February 2007
Department Officials review Avian 'Flu situation 05 February 2007
Minister Coughlan hopeful on progress on Saudi Arabian and UAE beef markets 07 February 2007
Minister Coughlan announces details of New Bioenergy Initiatives 07 February 2007
Minister of State Wallace warns against illegal felling of trees 09 February 2007
Coughlan announces 2nd Milk Quota Trading Scheme 12 February 2007
Wallace welcomes Urban Tree Planting Programme in Meath 12 February 2007
REPS farmers not excluded from new Bioenergy Scheme, says Coughlan 13 February 2007
West Awake to Emerging Marketing Opportunities 13 February 2007
Minister Coughlan announces Grant Aid Scheme for potato growers involving investments of over 20m euro 14 February 2007
Minister revokes ban on participation of British Birds in Shows, Exhibitions and Gatherings 16 February 2007
Coughlan announces national roll-out of "Food Dudes" programme to primary schools 18 February 2007
Additional Funding for Collaborative Research on Food and Health, Agri-environment and Biofuels 19 February 2007
Minister Coughlan re-affirms her commitment to simplifying Single Payment Scheme 19 February 2007
Minister Coughlan announces funding for AI Promotional Campaign for 2007 20 February 2007
2007 Single Payment Scheme/Disadvantaged Areas Scheme 21 February 2007
Wallace encourages farmers to consider FEPS 21 February 2007
Publication of Revised Estimates 22 February 2007 - €361M for REPS in Estimates 22 February 2007
Minister Coughlan announces the issue of 140 Annual Payment Statements to Farmers for 2006 22 February 2007
Minister Coughlan reminds famers of deadlines under the Farm Waste Management Scheme 23 February 2007
Minister Coughlan outlines another year of strong performance in the Beef Sector 25 February 2007
Coughlan extends Bioenergy Scheme deadline 28 February 2007
Connemara Hill Lamb recognised as a unique European product 28 February 2007