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Coughlan announces extension of Consolidation under the Single Payment Scheme to participants under the Farm Waste Management Scheme/Waste Processing Scheme

The Minister for Agriculture and Food, Mary Coughlan T.D., today extended the Consolidation measure of the Single Payment Scheme to those farmers who participate in the Farm Waste Management Scheme and/or Scheme of Investment Aid for Demonstration On-Farm Waste Processing Facilities. The Minister said that the consolidation provisions are an important feature of the Single Payment Scheme for Irish farmers who wish to benefit from their full Single Payment. She added that the consolidation of entitlements was open to farmers who declare less eligible hectares than they farmed during the 2000-2002 reference period arising from one of the following measures:

(i) afforestation of lands;
(ii) lands purchased under a Compulsory Purchase Order or by a Public Authority for non-agricultural purposes;
(iii) loss of leased or rented lands.

"I am conscious that while the areas under the Farm Waste Management and the Waste Processing Schemes on any given farm will be relatively small, the consolidation option should be available to those who may wish to avail of it," the Minister explained.

In the absence of this modification, the farmers concerned would have to acquire additional lands to replace the lands used for the farm waste facilities. Consolidated entitlements are granted from the National Reserve and, under the provisions of the relevant EU Regulations, must be used each year. If they are not, the unused entitlements are surrendered to the National Reserve.

20 April, 2007

Date Released: 20 April 2007