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Department confirms new cases of Equine Infectious Anaemia

The Department of Agriculture and Food said today that two further cases of Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA) had been confirmed bringing to twenty-four the number of cases confirmed since the middle of June.

While one of the cases was in a non-thoroughbred horse on a previously unrestricted premises, the horse itself had been identified, traced and tested under the Department's extensive surveillance and control programme. The premises has now been restricted. The other case involved a thoroughbred horse that had been identified as being part of a group of high risk horses and was on a premises that had already been subject to restriction. Tracing of other horses that may have been in contact with these cases and other investigations are continuing.

The Department confirmed that the EIA surveillance and control programme is continuing. It again reminded horse owners and those involved in the industry that they should continue to be vigilant and maintain high standards of biosecurity. Any horse presenting any of the clinical symptoms suggestive of EIA should immediately be blood sampled and tested for the disease. The Department appreciates the continued assistance of horse owners and others in the equine industry in its efforts to contain and eradicate the disease.

26 September, 2006

Date Released: 26 September 2006