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Department confirms additional cases of Equine Infectious Anaemia

The Department of Agriculture and Food today confirmed additional cases of Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA) in two mares and a foal. Test results are awaited in respect of a small number of other suspect cases.

All these cases involve animals that were already identified by the Department as part of a high risk group as they had been in close contact with an earlier confirmed case. The cases fall within the incubation timeframe for this disease and accordingly are not unexpected.

The Department continues to undertake tracing and ongoing surveillance of all potential in-contact cases and an intensive testing regime is in place. To date some 2,150 tests have given negative results.

The Department reiterated its advice to all stud owners/managers and other horse owners whose horses may have moved from farm to farm in recent months and who have not yet had their horses tested for EIA to do so now.

The two premises associated with the earlier outbreaks remain restricted and restrictions have been placed on additional premises associated with the new cases. Movement restrictions are already in place on known in-contact animals.

23 July, 2006

Date Released: 23 July 2006